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A couple of week ago I asked a shutterbugs what they are reading and a shutterbug who give me a run for my opinion based in Bermuda responded with his favorite selection of Photography Books. The books in the digital image may be the favorite items to purchase for thephotographer4you® as an excellent Christmas Gift book for an Christmas Gift or stocking stuffer.

Merry Christmas Shutterbugs…source and thank you Alex Masters for participating in my commentary from time to time. You’re the best shutterbug!

These are a few titles worth running to your local bookstore or local library to get some ideals….happy reading shutterbugs!

Helmut Newton: Sumo
Nat Geo: A Camera, Two Kids & A Camel
Annie Leibovitz: At Work
Jill Greenberg: Monkey Portraits
The Great LIFE Photographers
Sam Jones: The Here & Now
Nat Geo: Through the Lens
Nat Geo: Love
SI: Swimsuit Pot - Paradise Found
Magnum: Pop Sixties
Richard Kern: Looker
Mike Figgis/Kate Moss/Agent Provocateur: The 4 Dreams of Miss X
Alessandro Bertolotti: Books of Nudes
Mika Ninaga
Vanishing Landscapes
David Lachapelle [Complete Works]
Avedon: Power
Howard Shatz: Athlete
Annie Leibovitz: American Music
Brassai: Paris
SI: Swimsuit Port - Paradise Found
SI: Swimsuit Port - The Explorers Ed [x2]
SI: Swimsuit Port - The Complete Swimsuit Port
Eccles: Ailey Ascending - A Portrait In Motion
Andrew Zuckerman: Bird
Andrew Zuckerman: Creature
Andrew Zuckerman: Widsom
Herb Ritts: Africa
Edward Steichen: In High Fashion (The Conde Nast Years 1923-1937)
Avedon: 1944-2000 Fashion
Ralph Lauren
Herb Ritts: Notorious [x2]
Jecques Helleu & Chanel
Tim Walker: Pictures
David Lachapelle: Hotel Lachapelle
Barry Pritzker: Ansel Adams
Mario Testino: Portraits
Matthew Rolston: Beauty Light
Avedon: Woman in the Mirror
Walter Iooss: Athlete
Four Inches [Jimmy Choo / Cartier]
Ian Rankin: Heidilicious
Walter Iooss: Heaven
SI: Exposure
Annie Leibovitz: A Photographers Life 1990-2005
Steve Bloom: Living Africa:
Vanity Fair: Portraits
Hasselblad Masters vol 1: Passion
The Model As Muse - Embodying Fashion
Avedon: Performance
Lucille Reyboz: Source
Simon Henwood: Rihanna
Annie Leibovitz: A Photographers Life 1970-1990
Rachael Hale: It's A Zoo Out There
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