The Picture of Health and Spring Cleaning Your Crib

Over the weekend I manage to get in a chat and a few giggles with my baby brother and he mentioned to me a vitamin called Beta Prostate that he heard about for men. I didn’t have the 411 nor I have I heard anything from my main boys for the prostate scoop and they have not mentioned it on their blog….they are men and the kids do keep it real! He mentioned that he heard on the airwaves that Al Sharpton and a few celebrities has been raving about taking this vitamin. I told him I will do some digging to find out what the noise is all about when I get a chance. I am a huge vitamin popping fanatic which I believe my family needs to supplement their diet with in addition to a balanced meal. The verdict is still out after watching last night through droopy eyelids on “American Greed” a story about smiling Bob who scam folks out of millions of dollars, who knew and get this! Remember the commercials that promise to grow the johnson by supplementing and popping a blue pill, well it turns out dude was banking folks coins and the pills were a fake. I could have told you that along with millions of urology physicians across the planet. Dude made millions…..what does that have to do with Beta Prostate? Nothing really but you never know if half the supplements on the market are real, especially the ones that claim to cure something. I am not a man and don’t have clue about the Prostate but I will be paying attention to my husbands after having a conversation with my brother….it is an important tool to pay attention to and should not be neglected. Get those yearly checkups….don’t wait to get your checkups and that include women too! My husband and I both had our colons check and it was painless, not to mention if they find anything…the doctors handle it while your sleep. Preventive medicine is the key to a quality senior citizen lifestyle. Eat a sensible diet, exercise and pray for the best outcome! I wait a minute on that baby boy before you place you order.

Because working class folks don’t have the budget for a trainer, nutritionist and someone to kick your laurels into shape. The best advice I can give anyone about what has worked for me and an alternative to taking prescription medicine that I find is hard and sometimes grueling because it is a lot easier to take a pain reliever than a vitamin for a temporary fix. But the way folks have been dropping like flies from ingesting prescription medicine I am going back to the old school method I was taught growing up. Eat my dry beans, ingest tons of greens like your a rabbit and very little meat with a supplement known as a vitamin. I remember growing up and we kids use to frown when we had to eat greens, beans, chicken and fish. I talked with my brother this weekend about how the old school folks use to feed the family and he remembers too! It was none of this overeating, fast food and eating late at night cause your butt was in bed. Some of you may be old enough to remember Castor Oil, which I thought tasted horrible……now that I am older I realize that it was all in my head because it does not have any flavor.

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Suggested vitamin that I stomach and slowly getting my husband in the practice right along with me….cause a sista ain’t trying to be sitting here alone with a man who don’t get it! Plus diabetes run in both our families along with hypertension, HIV, fibroids, obesity, cyst, drug use, alcohol, thyroids, painful arthritis and cholesterol in my family. I am not a doctor but after watching beloved family members pass away from a multiple of health issues starting at a very young age and watching what they ingested…..I am convinced that the lack of vitamins, diet, exercise and preventive medicine played a role in their early demise. I figure how could I go wrong with trying something a little different to get a picture of health to have a golden girls approach like my Auntie Cassie who is bouncing around on all of her limbs at the tender age of 85 years old? After watching Michael Jackson leave up out of here after using prescriptions drug and the celebrities who followed him made me evaluate my own prescription medicine intake.

I will eat a little fat from time to time, fast food but in the background drink more water, detox, eat healthier, keep a clean crib and pop water soluble vitamins along with those chitterlings. I have sworn I would never cook the high fat food in my home again after this New Year.

As promise to you brother I said I would blog a post with a suggested list of vitamin supplements that I consume 5-7 days at least 1-3 times a day depending on how I motivated I am…..additionally I take additional supplement along with my multi-vitamin. I shop the price of vitamins too between Vitamin shoppe, Costco and Amazon. I found the two to give the best bang for the buck!

Nature Made Multi-Prenatal High Folic Iron and Zinc

Nature Made Super B-Complex

CosaminDS – purchase mine at Costco

Calcium Citrate purchase Kirkland brand at Costco, especially got serious when my blood work came back with low vitamin D levels.

Collagen + C purchase mine at Cosco but can kick myself for not getting it from Amazon

Flaxseed oil – purchase tablets at Costco

Kelp, Lecithin and Vitamin B-6

Zinc for my husband

Heart Choice Plant Sterols

Natural Food Green Phyters – Vitamin Shoppe especially excellent for folks with diabetes and fibroids. You can never get too much greens.

Cod Liver Oil – CVS or vitamin shoppe


Iron – women with fibroid can have too much iron, believe me whn I tell you!

Colon Health Probiotics

Garlic Tablets

Vitamin C

Cholest Off I can kick myself for not purchasing from Amazon and not Costco. That’s what I get for not doing my research.

Calcium D-Glucarate

Bilberry Extract

Multi Enzyme Vitamin Shoppe has the best price for $18

Vitamin E

Chromium Picolinate 200 mgs


Most green teas with no sugar with slice of lemon, especially the detox greens are fabulous to drink and consume in you precious body. Most folks could use a serious cleansing because they have bathroom issues…..a sista ain’t trying to be back up! OK! Cleanse your bodies.….according to the experts; you should be going to the bathroom at least 3 times a day. What I found out is ladies go less than men and that can’t be good….ever wonder why your stomach is bloated? Yeah me too, it is not just that time of the month, you might need to go to the bathroom, a good cleansing and a detox will get the job done! I asked my gastrologist why do men go more than women? He said it was normal and most women are backed up….no he didn’t say that but women do have a problem going to the bathroom more than men. In another words, I use to wonder why and where is the food going after I eat it if it is not coming out? Where do you think it is stored?  If your are not going to the bedroom frequently, it is time for a cleansing!


I don’t know how you shop but personally I believe one should make their money stretch and work for you. These are my tips.

  • Always compare the ingredients on the bottle to a expensive name brand to an generic brand.
  • Don’t believe the hype.
  • Check with your physician before taking any supplement.
  • Stay away from products that aren’t water soluble…in another word. What your body does not use you will piss out and it will be a pool of yellow in the toilet.
  • Don’t take my word for it….do your research because I did before I start supplementing my own diet with vitamin many eons ago. Most of us got away from the basics. I grew up taking vitamins and forced to take a spoon of Castor Oil to keep my plumbing working . No one ask kids back in the day what they wanted…..if they said this is your dinner, you ate it, smile and pat your stomach and kept it moving, given Geritol vitamins and a purple vitamins to keep worms/parasites from growing in your stomach. Yup! My auntie Berta who had a hand in my upbringing when my mother was tripping was that kind of doll! Auntie was covering her basis and doing the best she could with what she had….. and you know what I have dug back into that memory bank and use those same principles and recipes for my own family today.
  • Limit your intake of alcohol because it does raise your high pressure.
  • My sister made me check my prescription medicine for fine print and when she told me that Celebrex, Naproxen and a slew of prescription drugs I was slinging down my throat like water for my knees, back and hip injury when I was on workers compensation causes serious issues I immediately reconsider my pain therapy process and switch back to ingesting my vitamins and eating tons of spinach when I ain’t eating food that wasn’t good for me and my family. Sometimes you can’t do both…vitamins and pain relievers will make you think you are living on pills….which can become very discouraging and you won’t want to take a pill. Just a note.: Whenever I pump myself with B vitamins and Iron my menstrual cycle is very calm….fibroids have a way of bringing a women to her knees! Imma a just saying!
  • Again check with your doctor, do your research or follow your own heart after you have prayed on it! As the old folks would say….my mouth ain’t no prayer book and this blog post should not be your first stop for healthcare!
  • Do you throw away dried potpourri? Well I don’t and I don’t threw away old candle was either…..that’s another post when I start making candles. Take the old potpourri and put in a pot to boil, will scent your entire home. Take and strain and put in a basket. I keep mine once the scent leaves/dissipates the dried flowers because I always think I will buy essence oil for later but I found by boiling it the dried flowers, it leaves a beautiful scent throughout the crib. Drain and refill your baskets with the dried flowers….Stretch those coins!
  • Sauteed spinach Olive Oil…..takes less than 10 minutes to prep as a side dish with meat. Back in the day folks would cook the life out greens…the juice was the best part! Who knew? I bake a roast for 2.5 hours on a cold day at 350 degrees, cut up the roast in chunks, add cornstarch to thicken juices to make gravy and boil on top of stovetop in roaster, cut up the roast and served on a bed of brown rice. Yummy!
  • Boil the tea in a big pot  with at least 10 bags or your preference, slice some lemons and put in a big container,  do not add sugar and chill.
  • If you at home all day….make it a mission to clean the crib if you are not doing anything else. I know right! Yup! Having a housekeeper is over rated if you’re home watching them clean your house. Imma just saying! While you are spring cleaning, throw some pot pies in the oven for dinner. Refrigerate after you wrap for the hubby to take for lunch.

Between me and you….now if I can only get my spiritual walk back in check, quick smoking, stop yelling when my child brings in a grade “C’ and learn not to stress the small stuff I will be all good and my husband would probably be a lot happier! Anyone that I spoke, email and text message  last week know I was in the zone with Spring Cleaning….meaning every plant was trimmed, crevice, hole, corner, closet, wall, window and the crib was scrub down with every disinfectant and cleanser in the house.

Please note I don’t endorse any of the products nor did they pay me to pitch anything to sell it to you either….however you can purchase every item on this post through Amazon, Costco and The Vitamin Shoppe. Whatever you do, don’t get caught up in the price of vitamin, it is overrated, generic is just as good. I took a health course at the University of Maryland many eons ago and the professor said all you will have is expensive pee! Go figure!

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