The Naked Truth About Supermodel Naomi Campbell

naomi 394x530 The Naked Truth About Supermodel Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell

The last few days I have been whisking our youngest child with my husband to West Point, New York to tour the campus of the United States Military Academy at West Point. Naomi Campbell reveals the naked truth about blood diamonds and war crimes on the cover of GQ. It is not that Campbell is naked on the cover that is sensational but the naked truth about what really happen that led to her facing a judge on the stand to answer questions about those rough blood uncut diamonds given to her? They say diamonds are a girls best friend. Give any women a sparkling dust of a diamond and she will have stars glistening in her eyes. I tend to agree with the slogan…..however, in this case. These blood diamonds were rough and had dried blood in the crevices that landed Campbell in the hot seat for her peers to wag tongues and talk ish behind her back. I thought Campbell was taking a break from modeling? We all have seen her naked but the hair style is fierce on her….I heart Naomi Campbell, something about her that makes me think she would be a fierce girlfriend to kiki it up with behind close doors…of course when your over 40 years old and your body is on point. Why not flaunt it and show it off to the world? Campbell wants everyone to know: “I don’t read the papers. I sell papers,” Naomi Campbell told British GQ‘s March issue. I need to excercise, do the plank and get my core in check. I ate too much dessert this weekend at West Point.

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