Teenagers Like Dirty Condoms In the Springtime

Get the message…loud and clear. What I get from this ad is that if you hang out in the park, get your party on your liable to come back dirty if your rolling around in the dirt. I soo get it…but does our teens and college students? Dirty condoms in the springtime on September 21, 2010….is what most teenagers will be striving for in Argentina? Oh Really! Based on these pictures…the sport of hanging out in the park to do whatever does not look like a lot of fun. The million dollar question is do real folks still get their swerve on in parks? The dude with the eggs on his shoulder makes me think if you forget your condom you will get pregnant, procreate and create a family? Not sure if the innocent girl was rape or simply rolling around in the mud? I need to go check my youngin’s calendar to see if this type of behavior apply in America and happening under my nose but us parents are clueless? Who freaking knew..I hell as didn’t know this was going on with teenagers. One thing is for certain is advertisement like this do not convey a message about protection except your ass will be dirty from rolling around in the mud with someone. What about protection and protecting oneself from contracting a deadly disease by getting tested and making sure you know who you’re bedding down? In 2010 if folks are still having unprotected sex…your an idiot. Plain and simple!

Tagline: Spring has arrived.
Description: In Argentina spring day is the same day as student’s day (21 of september) and all teenagers go to parks and hang out there all day.
Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Buenos Aires, Argentina
General Creative Director: Martín Mercado
Creative Director: Martín Goldberg, Diego Tuya
Art Directors: Gonzalo Fernández, Matías Varise
Copywriter: Juan Galardi
Illustrator: Daniel Romanos
Photographer: Ezequiel Pizzorno

The commercial titled Knocked down, 1 was done by YOUNG & RUBICAM BUENOS AIRES advertising agency for TULIPAN CONDOMS (TULIPAN company) in Argentina. It was released in the September 2010.

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