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This should have been Rihanna promoting a strong PSA message against violence towards women instead of portraying a party girl image to the media. Someone in her inner circle should be advising her to use her celebrity in an effort to promote, produce and be a voice for women. You know what; partying is not going to make it go away. Chris Brown did hit and abuse Rihanna inappropriately. Rihanna knows that too! Why would you allow other women not associated with your incident create PSA messages to alert the public about an issue that has been around long before Chris Brown hit you? That is my question to Rihanna? Your not the first victim and you won’t be the last. The incident that happened to Rihanna happens everyday to women and men of all ages in regardless of skin tone. The media is using Rihanna’s celebrity as a voice for domestic abuse and violence toward women, but she is buying into it. It took a 21 year old celebrity African American female to get beat up before the media decided to make some noise about abuse toward women. What about all the women who were beat up before this very public incident to one of the media celebrity allege “IT” girl? What about that hooker who just got beat up? I don’t hear any outrage over that incident. What’s up with that? I give props and kudos to Keira Knightley and Joe Wright for producing such a strong PSA message. Let’s hope the rest of Hollyweird follow.

Keira Knightley stars in this shocking new short film, directed by Joe Wright and brought to you by Women’s Aid – the UK’s domestic abuse charity.

I found this video over on my favorite original “Queen of All Media” Wendyista blog. All blogs on the Internet should spread this PSA a message like the plague just got up under your skin. It could be you right now in an uncut sutiation. Let make this PSA message viral around the Internet. Keira and Joe Wright get down and dirty, raw and real; and portrays what abuse looks like uncut when there is no one around to stop it. This is a message for men and women. Now were the hell is a man getting his ass whipped, a gay abuse video in a similiar situation. Our parents generation kept quiet about shit like this….this generation puts the real and raw mess in your face.

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