Don’t Start Slandering the Jackson Children

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Just in case some of you are talking out of the side of your neck. Opinions are like assholes, we all have one and here is mine: Yes, Michael Jackson children should have went to their father’s funeral in case there are those questioning it. I went to my mother’s funeral when she passed away when I was nine years old and probably would have been pissed off as an adult if my family shield me from it. People need to leave race out of his decision to adopt Caucasian children and leave Michael Jackson father Joseph Jackson alone, you folks know how he rolled when it came to promoting his children music and when it came to his hustle for his family. This is old news and that is why Michael Jackson “King of Pop” is as famous as he is today as quiet as it is kept! Quit trying to tear the Jackson family apart with the nonsense reporting, Michael Jackson is dead and gone. Next….time for a new story! Figure out how you can make the world a better place instead of pitting people against one another based on the color of their skin.

I wish folks would stop attacking Michael Jackson for adopting Caucasian children to raise as his own, especially since it has become fashionable for Caucasian women and men to adopt black and Asian children. Madonna and Angelina comes to mind when it comes to adopting children of different nationalities. I don’t hear folks talking smack about their decision to adopt children of different nationalities….why do race have to be an issue to give a child a home filled with love? You have literally millions of children from all nationalities domestically  and Internationally that would love to be raise by someone who would love them as their own regardless of their skin color. Children are innocent and a gift from God. You were once a child yourself and think about how your life could have end up had you not had a love one stand by you. Truthfully those who attack his decision to adopt Caucasian children either don’t have any children, don’t understand the blended family, don’t understand their own assignments from God or would not dream of raising a child that they did not have…get over your hateful selves. Enough with the nonsense…the man is dead and gone. People with their judgmental attitudes are quick to pluck out another human being eye…deal with the shit in your own backyard before you start trying to pluck apart someone else life. Until you walk a mile in MJ shoes, we don’t have a clue what it is like to live his high profile celebrity life or his family lifestyle. Those children have to grow up and deal with the fact that they are Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop” adopted children who are white and they will one day deal with the negative and positive press surrounding his eccentric and fabulous life. They have enough burdens on their young shoulders to carry with the loss of their father at such a young age. They are after all innocent children who was loved by someone who wanted to have children. Truth be told, he could ask a sister to bear his children. MJ knew how that conversation would have went…so would you have asked a black women to have your children if you were a man who just wanted to have kids and that was it? I don’t need to elaborate more on that subject. You naysayers should test it out for yourself if you don’t believe me. Hell, even if a woman don’t want kids…I am 100% certain that I might have looked at MJ like he was crazy if he approach me like he did Debbie Rowe. My hats are off to her for that one…lets hope she is blessed for her deed and her relationship grows stronger with the children she sired for Michael Jackson. Some people are hateful and will attack you from all angles if given the opportunity.The entire Jackson family need a break from all of the speculation, the media attention and a chance to grieve the loss of their son, father, x-husband, friend and family member.

As far as attacking  Michael Jackson father, Joseph Jackson….he did the best damn job he can do with what he had to provide for his family during those hard economic times. Some of you need to whip your those rugrats and bebe kids ass today. They are future hell raisers and probably won’t bring you a slice of bread if you were starving. The audacity to talk about what someone else is doing to their kids and half of us can’t control the children we have in our own houses. Of course he whipped Michael Jackson ass when he fell out of line…a whole lot of us got an ass whipping when we were young and probably felt the same way Michael felt about our parents. At the end of the day, all of the Jackson turned out to be fine young men and women despite what you heard…don’t get that part confused with what you read in the trash tabloids and celebrity blogs. “The King of Pop” father Joseph Jackson, the Jackson children, siblings, relatives, grandchildren and his mother Catherine don’t deserve to hear that nonsense from the public, fans and media about how they raised their children because none of us offered them a penny when they were all trying to survive before their fame. The family does not need to be torn apart from the bullshit reporting from the media now that they have and been left to handle Michael Jackson estate and raise his children. They need our prayers, positive energy and condolences at this time. What goes on behind the close doors of the Jackson crib is their business…enough with the speculation of celebrities lifestyles. Let those people live a humanly life as possible without feeding into the media speculation. They want to sell magazines, get higher ratings and make money…that’s all they care about at the end of the day. The media could give a damn about destroying a family or our country image if it serves their own purpose. Don’t get it twisted either, I don’t have anything against the media…just their selective reporting of current affairs can rub you the wrong way especially when they don’t have the real scoop!

To all you haters…Michael Jackson “The King of Pop” was the truth and all about making beautiful music for his fans, friends and family. A lesson learned from this is to stop the negativity and the bullshit talk at the door or click that “x” in the right hand corner on your browser. You don’t want that nonsense seeping into your house…now do you? Half of us would have died or committed suicide if we had to endure half of the shit he went through be it negative or positive. Some of us just don’t have it in us to go that extra mile to become the best we can be and be the servants that God ordain us to become….now put that in your cup today and drink it! Half of us turned on a Jackson 5 ballad back in the day and forgot how poor we really were because the music had a way of making you escape your own reality.

I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson music and I believed him when he got on national television and said he did not touch that child. Half of his allege fans turned their back on him, what if that was your love one or you for that matter being accused and your innocent? What would you do…hold on to hope or do what he did? Half of my own stuff that I go through which is deep to me don’t come close to the stuff MJ endured by the public, media and his fans. I am surprised he showed his face at all after he got back hand by the media….they still haven’t reported how the kid came forward and said he lied. What’s that about…for real? I am deeply touched by the Jackson family loss of their child. It feels like losing a brother. When the music by Michael Jackson came on in the clubs back in the day that’s when people were dancing. This is before all the gang banging in night clubs and when people got dressed to dance like they were auditioning for the movie “Fame.” Those were some good times back then when folks were dancing, laughing and loving music. Some of the music today you can’t dance to it….its filled with slang, who got what diamond, how much money I got, what gun I am slanging, drugs, hoochie and baby mama drama, cars and no soul. Needless to say I can identify with the loss of a love one suddenly…it rips your heart out especially when it is a young sibling that your close to and you have a healthy relationship that fills the heart with joy when your laughing and loving one another behind closed doors shield from prying eyes. I am happy that he did not suffer and when his number was up…he went to the other side like the soldier that he was in life.

These are my final words for the “King of Pop” and his family and children:

The “King of Pop” asked you to remember when his parents taught him the ABC’s and when they told him to smile as he performed for his fans. They told him that he is never alone and to remember who is loving you because they don’t really care about us. It is human nature when you can feel it and a lot of people just don’t understand you. That is when Michael said Lisa Presley is my girl and ask us to leave him alone because it does n’t matter if they are black or white. When she divorced him, he was in search of a Billie Jean because that girl Lisa Presley use to be my girl is no longer mine. Yet he wonder who was loving her while he search for his girl. Than he met Debbie Rowe who was willing to bear his children and than his children became his world whole. He needed someone to hold him while he try to tell the media to beat it when they called him bad and dangerous. But do you remember the time that all Michael Jackson did was smile and said he’ll always be there. We all never thought that one day he would be gone to soon but the fans, his friends and his family can always remember when he use to smile.

R.I.P Michael Jackson “King of Pop” your music will live on forever. For a brief moment we all are able to unite around the World because of his contribution to music.

Leave Me Alone

Beat It

Hold Me Free Willy

They Don’t Care Really About Us

Whose Loving You

The Girl Is Mine

Gone To Soon

Human Nature

Billy jean

My Girl

Black or White

The Way You Make Me Feel

I’ll Be There

Do You Remember The Time




I Just Can’t Stop Loving You

Dirty Diana



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