SHUT UP! Let Whitney Houston Go Home in Peace

WHITNEY HOUSTON 385x530 SHUT UP! Let Whitney Houston Go Home in Peace

R.I.P. Whitney Houston go on home and be with the lord.

SHUT UP! Let this week be a moment of peace for the Houston family. Allow Whitney Houston body and soul be laid to rest. The former legendary and iconic songstress deserves that much…….Houston song her way into heavens gates. R.I.P. baby girl. You will surely be missed but your voice will live in our hearts and minds forever.

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Whitney Houston would want everyone to “SHUT UP” while she is being laid to rest.

Houston’s new theme song. Remember her telling you all to “SHUT UP”?


My response to an comment on Facebook.: I can feel what she’s saying. But, I guess the room was already paid for…etc.I think Clive Davis did the best he could under the circumstances. The wake and funeral are going to be….hectic, to say the least. The eulogist is going to have the opportunity to expose many people to Christ and Him Crucified……..I’ll be praying for that person, along with everyone else involved. What must Bobby Brown be thinking now? “You Don’t Miss Your Water Till Your Well Runs Dry”.

Response.: I totally agree with Ms. Chaka Khan…..100%. Hindsight is a mother and beast to be wreckon with..if there was any foul play or shady characters involved in the demised of our beloved Whitney Houston. I would hate to be them about now…..cause as we all know “KARMA” is a bitch! Sure is…….God will handle it all! TRUST & BELIEVE that! I commend the police department for placing an 4-6 weeks security hold on toxicology until at least the family has had a chance to mourn and grieve their beloved family member. At the end of the day….Whitney Houston is someone daughter, friend and she was a mother….Houston deserves an opportunity for her soul to be laid at rest by her family. I am over the speculations…adage. What is done in the dark will surely come to light sooner than later….believe that! I don’t know what Clive Davis should have done. I am not inside that man’s head nor do I know him. We all have an opinion how everything should have been handled. One thing is for certain…some of these folks get the side-eye…especially the so called friends and handlers. A lot of times the only folks who have not left the room when shit hits the fan….is the family. The family is always the one left holding the bag and cleaning up the mess.

FB Comment.: I hear you Sister. I truly hope that there was nothing foul about her death. Not even her taking too much prescription medication. Which is most likely the case. I’m not saying purposely either. I understand she and her daughter might have had a spat just prior to her being found. I really hope this is just God calling home a deeply troubled soul. Nothing else.

Response.: I think whatever Houston did with her daughter is irrelevant right now. I am sure Bobbi, her daughter is feeling a level of pain that we can’t fathom. I do know what it feels like to suddenly lose a love one with no warning. That sort of pain lives with you forever…all kind of random thoughts run through your head. I just hope Houston did not experience ANY pain as she left this world. Note: None of us will know the hour, time or circumstances when it is our turn to leave this earth. I believe our deaths and lives are already ordained. No escaping that…it is imperative that we strive to love and be our true selves while we are here. The speculation surround Houston’s death is simply that at this time. I am listening to none of it! Nothing about Houston’s death has been officially confirmed by the actual officials and coroners office. The public needs to respect the privacy of the family. Allow them to bury their daughter in peace. Isn’t that what everyone is entitled to despite their celebrity?

I can’t imagine what Whitney Houston’s mother, the entire family, colleagues, REAL friends and her only child must be going through right now. I am sure they are absolutely and unequivocally paralyzed with grief. #randomthought

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