Remembering 9 years old

My sister bought my niece down to Maryland on the train to hang out with her Auntie on her 9th birthday. My niece was born on the same day that my brother married his wife 9 years ago. My sister was in labor for 19 hours with this precious little girl. We lost our biological mother at the same age that my niece was turning on this year. I was only  nine years old when my mother passed away at home after several episodes of a grand mal seizure. Mom was only 31 years old when she died. I marvel at this young girl who stood before me. I was amazed at how young nine years old really is; I started to reflect on my own childhood and discussed with my sister how young we were when we lost our mother. We both realized that we were just kids ourselves and at that time was forced to grow up overnight. Children are precious and a gift from God, we are all his children. I am now just learning that there is a child in all of us waiting to get out. I strongly recommend that if you have children to stop, talk and listen to these precious reflection of ourselves. It is amazing and experience to talk with a child. During my niece visit there was such an wave of emotions all in a short period of time that transpire between my mother children  and this child from the next generation. I am thankful that my sister decided to have this precious child at the ripe age of 35 years old. She gave our family a precious gift.

My Nine Years Old Birthday

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