Register and Setting Up Your Business

 Register and Setting Up Your Business

It is relatively easy to set up and register your business in the state of Maryland or any state for that matter. The process is simple and the form can be pulled from the Internet to send in with your fee. Maryland has a website dedicated to help ensure your business success. The cost in the state of Maryland is $25.

If you have an existing or are forming a new Corporation, Limited-Liability Company, Limited Partnership, Foreign Filing or any other corporate entity, almost every jurisdiction requires by law that you must have a registered agent (aka Resident Agent) located in that jurisdiction. Your first step to forming your own LLC will be to download the appropriate Articles of Organization form for your State. An LLC is good for 30 years. Than obtain a register agent….they are willing to answer all of your questions once your register and will help to maintain your LLC status. You can form a limited Liability company without an attorney.

Trademark your business name- which is good for 10 ten years and you maintain it by renewing it with the appropiate fees.

Business Licenses – State business license are obtained from the Clerks of the Circuit Court in the county were the business is located. A new business that is applying for a license for the first time must be registered with DAT and present the DAT identification number to the Clerks of the Court. You must contact the Clerk of the Court in order to obtain a business license application. Just to be clear….photography is a service.  A State of Maryland Business License is required for most businesses. Business activities that require licenses include but not limited to: retailers and wholesalers. The clerk will tell you if your business require a business license in your state.

In the county of Frederick, Maryland there are numerous hands-on Entrepreneur Support Network that offer a business friendly environment of service providers to help with your success. This is a list of some of the resourceful information that is found on the website.

The Frederick County Office of Economic Development

The Small Business Development Center

The City of Frederick Department of Economic Development

The Frederick Innovative Technology Center (FITCI)

Entrepreneur Council of Frederick County

Frederick County Public Libraries Business Resource Center

The Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development

Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO)

Fort Detrick Business Development Office

Area Chamber of Commerce

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