R.I.P. | Photojournalist John Varley

PELE MOORE  1 377x530 R.I.P. | Photojournalist John Varley

Best known for taking the iconic picture of Bobby Moore and Pele at the 1970 World Cup. Photojournalist John Varley died at the age of 76 years old. The picture of the two biggest names in football embracing after Brazil beat England. Varley covered the World Cup from 1966-1982. When England won the trophy in 1966 he was one of only two photographer shooting with color film. One of Varley’s first shoots to come to national attention was the floods in Doncaster where he captured images of policemen wading through the devastation to save children. He was one of the first photographers to send back images of children caught up in the civil war in Biafra. R.I.P. ….Varley left a lot of photographic memorable moments for the world to enjoy!

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