Queen Elizabeth II is Down For Change

Allegedly according to the media abroad and here in the states “Queen Elizabeth II” is outraged by “First Lady Michelle Obama” touch and hug. Hogwash! I say it is a bunch of bullshit to make the people look down on the First Lady. Unless the Queen of England personally told someone this information, phoned into the media or they captured some outrage from the Queen face; it is hogwash. Queen Elizabeth kept it moving and smiling for her picture like the royal dame that she is….there will never be another like this queen. The media has manipulate the public opinions of situations far too long. If President Barack Obama is shouting change; what makes you think that Queen Elizabeth II isn’t all for change as well. The Queen is down for change, that huge pearly white smile and receiving a hug from First Lady Michelle Obama proves it. It has been far to long in our society that we measure the standard of an individual character based on what the media has written. I am sure if there was a big issue with touching the Queen we would have heard it from Queen Elizabeth II herself. Much ado about nothing. Anything First Lady Michelle Obama does will be dissected like a dead corpse undergoing an autopsy. Get over it, push past it, First Lady Michelle Obama and Queen Elizabeth II is rewriting history dress code and behavior. Don’t be mad because you dare not be yourself with the Royal highness. It is refreshing to watch Queen Elizabeth break away from royalty protocol; it does show her country that she has a human side to her demeanor. Long live the Queen!

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