Promoting Safe Sex for Old Folks | Condoms rock. Use them!

Safe sex escapes a lot of folks but older folks need to have protective sex too! Who lied to older folks that they are immune from disease is one creepy idiot who need to go back to school and learn a little something. It has always been an misconception that older folks don’t enjoy sex much like their younger counterparts. I am here to tell you…that is a big fat lie! Matter of fact, safe sex is awesome once one gets pass all the superficial bullhshit, I must put on the latex raincoat before going out in the rain and imperfections of one own body…#MATURE FOLKS can relate to that statement….it takes some of us all a minute to learn the true nature of sexuality. #JUSTSAYING! One thing folks failed to realize is condom use is not about procreation…those days of using condoms to prevent pregnancy have been long gone. Did they ever exist? I for one never used condoms for the purpose of preventing pregnancy…If I had to keep it 100% I believe that it prevented me from contracting the deadliest diseases that exist in the world today. I used the latex raincoat for STD prevention with pregnancy as a background excuse. I have had a couple of incidents that was relieved with a pill but the rest of that scary shit made me strap down as a women. Men who attempted to bed me know that #sista girl was prepared with her variety of latex best friends in her purse, bathroom, etc….hell I kept a basket for decoration on the coffee table. Ask my boys…they will tell you they thought they were in a sexual education class at the dinner table during our many discussions about protective sex and using a condom. My 22 years ain’t too big for his britches that Momma Dee can’t ask him about his sexual protection use either….LOL! For the simple minded guys preventing pregnancy was the excuse for using a condom but for real….STD was the number one reason to use my latex raincoat. Now that folks are living longer than ever before and getting their few seconds of intimacy in the mix…condom use should be on the top of the list along with the dye mix that camouflages the grey strands. Family Planning Association created these posters to make us older folks aware of the importance of safer sex….#GET INTO IT! On a real note…my husband and I have witness the demise of love ones who have been taken from us by the deadly disease #AIDs. Trust me it ain’t no joke contracting a disease that has no cure.

No surprises that people in their 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s are having sex with new partners (the oldest caller to our helpline was an 82 year old man starting a new relationship) but this also means that STIs in people over 50 are rising fast – and have been for several years. FPA is proud to launch the first national UK sexual health campaign for the over 50s: The Middle-age Spread (STIs in the over 50s).

Folks put on your raincoats before going out in the rain. It’s all about #AWARENESS…don’t dumb-down for anyone! There is no cure!

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