President Obama Raping Lady Liberty Cartoon

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Over the weekend this cartoon has been making its way around the Internet. I have no words for this image of President Obama depiction of finishing up a sex session with a green women? What group is she attempting to piss off? Women who been raped? Perhaps the first lady? Scraping the Bottom of the Tar Barrel by James Wolcott sums this ?? behavior in a few words better than I would because right now she is merely an after thought. Next……

A website called Protein Wisdom has published an editorial cartoon portraying President Obama as a rapist with Lady Liberty his weeping victim, her torch lying broken at the foot of the bed. Rapist Obama tells Lady Liberty to stop whining, get herself cleaned up, and promises he’ll be back later with “friends,” i.e., a gang-rape.

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WASHINGTON (AFP) – President Barack Obama will sign his historic health care overhaul into law at the White House on Tuesday before waging an all-out push to win over wary US voters ahead of November elections.

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Oh I know I’m going to get called names on this. But I’m not going to play that game anymore. Like the sign at one of the TEA parties that said “it doesn’t matter what this sign says, you going to call it racist anyway.” When even the lawsuits now being brought by 30 plus state AG’s is considered racist, it is time to stop playing that game.

I’m flipping outraged even more so by Obama’s “victory lap” where he pretends this crap-sandwich is what “The American People were begging for”. Not one bit of graciousness in his “victory” but that nose up arrogance as his Social Democrats were literally breaking out the champagne.

I expect this will also flush out the usual Stockholm-syndrome “conservatives” who wring their hands and say “oh you can’t say that! People will take offense!”

Heck, I want to shake them up. This is supposed to be a post-racial era? Then deal with the fact that the President of the United States is the head of a gang that just raped our American principles.

I made it a cartoon and not a photoshop and the “woman” is green. Deal, people.

 President Obama Raping Lady Liberty Cartoon
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