Prayers Needed : Bret Michaels Need Your Blessings

Calling out the almighty God and his disciples.: Anointed Bishops, preachers, fathers, sisters, deacons, saints and angels and fans, etc.: The Bret family need an anointed breakthrough over their sons critical condition.  ASAP! Word on the Internet and in the hoods is that our brother Bret suffered an “Aneurysm” and that is not good!

070213bretmichaels Prayers Needed : Bret Michaels Need Your Blessings

My heart goes out to the “Bret Family”, who at this time needs the worlds prayers. When Bret did that reality show and attempt to step back into the limelight, Bret got my attention front and center. I remember a Nothing to Lose (Bret Michaels song) face filled with passion and a zest for life. When the girls were going gaga over him on that reality show, I must admit my guilty crush on the hot Poison rocker escalated a zillion-fold. I became smitten with his ray of sunshine personality and Stay With Me personality. This weekend when got wind about his emergency room from a friend. Flabbergasted and floored! Delores have you heard that “Bret Michael” is in the hospital and his in critical condition? My first reaction was that fine and handsome of a man rocker, Bret Michael with the cowboy hat who put himself front and center on that reality show….OMGod not him! He is such a sweetheart, we need to pray for him. Let’s all send our well wishes and prayers to the Bret family…..Rock on brother, Rock on!


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