Photographers Shooting for Fashion Week

The year is going to be interesting for the lovers of fashion, makeup and costumes that are over the top presented at fashion week shows around the globe. Photographers flock to these events hoping to get fabulous digital images to build their portfolios and a chance to network with other photographers and fashion industry individuals. I wondered what that scene looks like for photographers who attempt to get the best shot of the models as they stream the high fashion runways than I read Life With The Riser Crew and the Rule Of The Square.

I thought shooting for DC Fashion Week was fast pace and take no prisoners mentality. The toughest part was the photographers pit, if you can’t deal with being surrounded and packed in by other photographers then this is not the job for you. That’s what I learn from the experience I had shooting in the pit at the French Embassy located in Washington, DC. My heart dropped when my Canon EOS 30D camera at that time fell to the ground. I had my camera on a cheap flimsy tripod which no one paid any attention to when it hit the floor. My Canon camera did not break and neither did the photographers stop shooting to capture their shot. Digital, video media outlets and freelance digital photographers were everywhere in the venues. The fashion week show was filled with an energy and excitement that money can’t buy. DC Fashion Week was my  first fashion week ever with no experience shooting runway models. I can talk about an experience that was interesting and had me fluster with sweat beads on my forehead…..literally by the end of the show. Needless to say I was glad when the show was completed…..DC Fashion Week is an week long. event held at various venues around the city of Virginia and Washington, D.C. What I notice and learned about shooting digital photography during D.C. Fashion week is it an all male dominated industry with a sprinkling of women. Annie Leibovitz is one of the few famous women photographer we hear about in the news…..lately discussing and putting her financial woes on blast. Wonder why her business gets put on blast and not other male photographers in similar situations?


I can only imagine the energy level at the Fashion Week in New York. My short petite body would be crush and I would probably have to grow a bigger vayjay to get an ideal spot otherwise it would be a complete waste of my time. Fashion photographers can spend more than six months on the road each year circumnavigating the globe from the twice-yearly Fashion Week in New York to London, Milan, Paris and continuing on around the world to such diverse cities and countries as Berlin, Mumbai, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Sydney and New Zealand. Even in the U.S., there are more than a few Fashion Week events including those in Miami (swimwear), Atlanta, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Montreal, Portland (Oregon) and even Washington, DC. I found this post on had some really useful tips on shooting fashion shows: How to Shoot A Fashion Show. You can jump on to’s site and check out any number of other designer shows. This industry is not one of those fly by night overnight I want to a fashion photographer….it not at all beauty, glamor and fashion as portrayed by the images that are depict in your typical fashion magazines and fashion shows. Each individual works their tail off and the photographer works from beginning to end attempting to capture that shot that does not require much Photoshop. Behind the scenes of what goes into a fashion show is it’s gritty, face paced, egos bigger than yours and not for the sensitive at heart. You have designers, photographers, news media and outlets, models, Make up Artist, the VIP, celebrity and a whole slew of folks that want to be entertained enough to open their pocketbooks to buy the fashion and use your services. At the end of the day its not personal its the fashion business.

Video Part 1 : Katy Winn, Getty Images photographer, works Fashion Week, Now what we dig is that we haven’t spoken with many women photographers, til now. Refreshing. You’ll get a pro’s eye view on the gear needed to cover this event.
In Part 2, Katy shares more of the goods she carries on the job, and has some great words of advice. Katy digs a little deeper into the bag to show you some more of the essentials for the camera bag. Plus she discusses the Sorority of photographers covering the event.

What is fashion week anyway? FAQ Some of the answers may surprise you than again things have changed since the article was written. I am sure the industry has taken a major hit during the recession and has scaled back like the rest of the world. Although I may not shoot fashion week in New York, Paris or a far away destination. I will from time to time, comment on my blog and marvel at the creativity of the digital photographers work, read their blogs, learn from the tip and tricks of the trade about how to become a better professional digital photographer and appreciate the designer clothing the model is wearing down the runway.

Is Fashion Week just a “snooty scam perpetrated by New Yorkers on poor slobs elsewhere”? Josh Patner, fashion journalist and co-founder of the popular label Tuleh, answered this and a host of other Fashion Week questions here and here. Amanda Fortini offered a brief history of Fashion Week. And Gloria Wong penned an Explainer on how to sneak into the hottest shows in town.

The fashion week schedule is planned literally a year in advance, right after the show most designers and directors already have the date for the next show in place.
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