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StephenEastwood%255B12%255D Photographer Spotlight | Stephen Eastwood I was surfing on my Model Mayhem profile and decided to catch up on the latest buzz by reading some of my photographer friends own website. I never made it off of Stephen Eastwood website….my brain was over brewing from reading his insightful take on many things in the world of photography.

Stephen Eastwood Bio and Q&A of the fashion and beauty photographer in his own words. I especially was amazed at the length of it and needed to returned back….the information is quite insightful. A must read…..nice of him to share his point of view.

Check out the images in his retouches portfolio: The images that show before and after shots of models are a must see for everyone in the industry. Retouching is some folks best friend….I am just saying…..learning how to retouch is the number one skill that should be on every photographer list of things to master in the field.

When he broke down the money and put the ish in perspective…I thought about all the wannabee models on Craigslist that email me who offered me $50 and make comments about keeping the copyright of the digital images. I say that with sarcasm because I really don’t want to be bother with anyone who is not willing to invest in their portfolio especially when the photographer is attempting to give the best price to meet an individual budget. For models with no budget to invest, the best suggestion I can make is go to your local meet and greet at a studio when models, photographers and makeup artist are in one setting willing to donate their time and offer digital images at a extremely unheard price. That is the best way to go about building a book and networking with folks in an environment conducive to your well being. Join Model Mayhem or Model Insider website and start networking.

I especially heart Stephen Eastwood because he a Canon Explorer of Light and PrintMaster.

hqdefault Photographer Spotlight | Stephen EastwoodStephen Eastwood breaks it down in his words about charging….must read!

21. As a model what would you charge to shoot a portfolio for me? I am really looking for amazingly talented photographers to make my book good for the agencies?

Well, first you are not looking for a great photographer, what you need is a good test photographer, they are different and the rates are very different, nothing wrong with either job, they are just different and shoot and see things differently. Test photographers would likely be in a range from 250-700, makeup and hair would be extra and if they do not insist on it I would look more closely at their work and make sure they are at the right level. Styling is something that is often an issue, thinking you need a stylist is wrong, thinking they are not very valuable is just as wrong. That’s a decision you can make, for test shots you want the shot to have impact but be simple and clearly show you in a strong way, take advantage of your strengths. See what market you fit and than go to websites of agents in that market and look at what they seem to have, take some examples and print them on a page and bring that with you for ideas, if possible email it to the photographer in advance. And if you find an agency that fits your look in your area, call and ask them if they have a list of photographers they often use, that is the easiest way. Working commercial photographers are
good at what they do, but we are way too expensive for tests, its just not worth the price since our clients pay ridiculous fees, my average days start at 10,000 and then add another 10-15K for usage of 1 image and we can do upward of 5 in a day, so what would I charge a model for 3 looks? its just not practical and the problem with booking you on a day I am not shooting means I am also not meeting, marketing, networking, discussing or anything else that day that could be booking another commercial day so its usually not something we like to book,
and the worse case scenario is that clients find out that you are booking days for a few hundred and lose the value of exclusivity they placed on your talent and skill which demanded that high price, yes that happens and yes it would kill you for some time in a commercial sense. A commercial photographer can likely give you nice test pictures but in reality it goes against what we are good at, we are best at taking what we have to work with and creating a great image that sells a product, without regard for the model. What that means (and this is different slightly for celebrity photographers) is that we need to create an image that sells to the public in the chosen demographic period, if that means making a model look nothing like themselves that’s fine, so long as the image appeals to the masses. Celebrity photographers are slightly limited in
that they have a given look they cannot deviate from to far and more importantly they have a feeling and image of which they need to create for that celebrity while maintaining a basic character set of the celebrity without too much alteration, this is slightly harder depending on what they have to work with and what the end results are to be, but this is also why they tend to often be specialized and very high priced, and stylists and artist are standard to help create the look and feel needed to accomplish the desired result.

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  • Stephen Eastwood

    Thanks, my google alerts found this, its always great to read that people appreciate what you do, so I wanted to thank you for noticing!


    • geekgirl

      @ Stephen Eastwood
      Your welcome! Love your work…I was really surprise to find the huge commentary from you on your blog. Very insightful, fun and filled with tons of information that most photographer can use.