Paying For College | This Is Why You Want To Enroll Your Kid Into An Military Academy

photo of the day Paying For College | This Is Why You Want To Enroll Your Kid Into An Military Academy In addition to me and my husband cheesing and really hard now that our  eldest baby boy will be graduating from the Air Force Academy in May 2010 and will be experiencing Japan for the next three years….this is a good reason to enroll your child who claim to want to play football into the Naval Academy.

It has been a long five years for the cadet but it was his journey! He did the damn thing! I salute you Officer Randall!

No silly not because I am cheesing hard about my kid but because: President Obama presented the Commander-in-Chief’s trophy to the U.S. Naval Academy football team for their seventh consecutive win. The President joked that after consulting White House counsel, the team was “only allowed to come back here one more time before it’s somebody else’s turn.” He congratulated them for seven straight wins against Air Force and eight against the Army, calling it an impressive win for “one of the biggest rivalries in sports, period.”

Because your girl or boy will receive an education from a top in the class military Academy that will prove to invaluable for their future career growth and the opportunities are endless if they succeed the rigorous academic course requirement that the Academy require of their cadets and the success of the student is based on their own merit and not your pocketbook! Can I get a “I love my government for assisting with the continued0000012863d17435a301c73f007f000000000001.cadet%20graduate Paying For College | This Is Why You Want To Enroll Your Kid Into An Military Academy growth and educating my eldest child….Kudos Mal for doing the damn thing. I wish someone would have pushed my black ass into a Academy while it was age appropriate oppose to all the nonsense that we hear about the military back in the day. The last time I check our bank account was too low to send a kid to a college…..and that is not a slam to my big daddy who is the head of our crib.

What about you? How will you be paying for that kid you been telling to go to college? Unless you have deep pockets to pay for your child’s college education…I strongly suggest you to research all of your options before you turn your nose up to the Military Academy educational system. I am glad we didn’t because when they offered Preparatory school our nose was clogged up for about two weeks until we started to get those loan applications. To get really real the financial aid offerings was measly to say the least……may have had to do with property value at the time but now you know how that story went…Imma just keeping it real….cause we working class folks over here in Maryland! We  encouraged our child to visit every opportunity that exist known to man to attend college, however that might not be the way he saw it at the time when we told him your going into the Air Force Academy, you don’t have a choice and you don’t have any other options unless you have a plan we can follow. Did I mention that the price of houses have gone down and second mortgages are bullshit and if your approaching retirement or even thinking about skinny dipping in your golden years during retirement? We getting up there in age and you better figure out what your going to be doing because as quiet as it is kept, kids are not and will not think about your old ass…Oops! Oh! Maybe that’s the kids I have in my house, don’t pay that statement any mind!

A child is only given to you on borrowed time is the motto in my crib. A working class child has several options after high school: Start a business with a serious business plan, get a family member to finance the business, Military, attend College, a Silver spoon with an extremely long handle, investments, or hope! The silver spoon I may have pick up from a thrift store that lost its appeal when I had to polish it to maintain it’s shiny glare and has no real value nowadays. For inspiration read Proverbs 22:6

The President congratulated quarterback Ricky Dobbs for setting the NCAA rushing touchdown record at 27, and joked that Ricky’s announcement for presidency in 2040 was a bit much. “But it does mean that when Navy comes back for the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy 30 years from now, you might hear a speech from this guy,” the President told the team. He also praised co-captain Ross Pospil for organizing a toy drive last year during a snow storm, thanking the team for their compassion and generosity.

In the end, it’s the willingness to put others above yourselves that sets this team -– and all the service academies  -– apart.  Your days are packed with morning inspections and a full load of classes, football practice, and military duties.  And oftentimes, you’re lucky if you can get a few minutes to yourselves before studying into the night.

But you do it because each of you has a higher calling — to serve your country in a time of war.  As Ross says, “We are always going to be remembered for what we have done on the football field.  That’s all well and good.  But we want to make a difference outside Bancroft Hall, and outside the Academy walls.” And that I think is the kind of ethic that makes us all so proud.

In a few short weeks, 32 of you will have that chance when you become officers in the United States Navy and Marine Corps.  Last year, I was honored to attend the Academy commencement and see firsthand the incredible spirit that drives every Midshipman at Annapolis — in addition to getting two chest bumps.

President Barack Obama congratulates the U.S. Naval Academy 2009 football team for winning its seventh consecutive Commander in Chief’s Trophy during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House, May 3, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

White House Report

I posted the entire story because the President Obama haters probably won’t click onto his website if someone paid them to….I am just saying there is so much darkness in their hearts that they miss the moment of congratulating the football team!

That profile pic of my baby boy done by school photographer.

Cadets dashing through our crib on the way to the airport after coming to Annapolis Navy Academy to take home the Commander in Chief Trophy for Chess.

Photog: Delores Randall I know they are a little blurry but I edited them and kept the originals.

I am very proud of these cadets….I salute you officers and look forward to saluting you in May. The cadets work hard but they play hard too! Did I mention that if your a junior now would be a good time to check out the website to make sure you meet the prerequisite for the Navy, Air Force, Army and Marine Academy, etc.

Please note that direct entry into any of the military branches will give you an opportunity to attend the Academy…..inquire with all the branches to decide your career path. Dang, I wonder if I am too old to go myself to get an academy education….some of us grown folks could benefit from the training…LOL!

Please Note the Academy nor the enlisted military is not for those young men and women between the age of 17-23 years old who don’t want to put in any work, parents with the wrong approach and attitude toward the military, students who have problems getting up before the sunrise, strive to get the best grades, party animals, I don’t care what happens with my future, I hate the president, want to bring drama that bring drama to their parents crib, drugs use, alcohol use, pregnancy, baby momma drama before the age of 23 years old, thugs, tattoos on your face, don’t read, nobody gonna tell me what to do, disrespectful toward their superiors and a I get up when I feel like it attitude. Now if you can get through the nomination, GPA, SAT, ACT and the interview then they may just consider your application.

When sending this lad to anywhere after high school graduation and getting him in college, my though process through the entire process: God is good and is good all the time. I needed to lean on something and those words was all five years ago. See I knew and my eldest baby boy knew what he was working with during the entire process…..he prevailed and will tell anybody. It was really not up to him, these are not exactly his words to describe his journey but really I love it nowadays how he describes his entry to me into the Air Force Academy! I find it funny although he was not laughing at the time….Lords knows I am glad he stuck with it!

Faith is my master and I leave the rest up to the almighty God who rules this house. To where does your help cometh from……our help came from the lord!

For inspiration read: Isaiah 40 and Psalms 121:2

If I left anything out of this list feel free to leave a comment! Please note don’t bring the noise over here about how you hate our President of the good old United States cause’ I love my President and the first lady with their children all up in the White House. I know I don’t EVER want that JOB! Easy to talk mess on the backend….ain’t it though!

Oh yeah! To those in my inside circle who snicker and sneer…screw you, I don’ t remember receiving any donations or gifts during my baby’s time in high school. In another words….fuck you! In another words my baby wanted to go to college and the folks he was looking at was me and my husband. WORD!

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    Oh by the way, despite what anyone thinks or have to say behind our backs. We wear a badge of honor for both of our children being accepted into a military academy….with the highest honor. It was no small feat. I salute my husband for his patience, being the man of our household and his beautiful kindred spirit. I salute myself for simply wearing my sergeant cap when I needed to hold down the fort and being his “helpmate”. Ummmm…..I probably will never be noted for being a pushover step mommy. Justsaying between the two of us. We completed the mission. Both of our children graduated high school. Both were accepted into military academies that we helped guided them into. Even when no one believe it was possible…whatever. FAITH baby…try it sometime. What our sons do after that is entirely up to them? We do not raise “wussies”. We raise “MEN” that will become the head of their own households. That is it!!!! I MEANT THAT RANT DURING THEIR CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT. I ain’t taking it back. Now onto the next stage of our childrens development <—–ADULTHOOD.

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