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I don’t know about you but I have a thing for beans for any occasion no matter what the holiday is….see I was raised ole’ school and I just have to throw in my whole beans, beside they are good for you because they are a great source of protein. When you go out to eat you pay about $4-$7 for a cup or bowl…at least we do anyway but that is beside the point. I started out with a pot of water with oxtails, seasoning consist of garlic slices, red pepper,  a dash of seasoning salt, oregano and whatever your palette can stand than I got a thought to throw in some neck bones to add a more meat after about an hour. Add water once the water cook down and the beans look like they need to cook more….I garnished it with  green onions and threw that in when the bean soup was completely done. Typically I would just cook oxtail by themselves but it is the holidays and I felt like trying something different. My husband test tasted it this evening and he said it was really good……serve with white or wheat rice. Believe it or not when we dine out sometimes we would pay about $15 for a bowl of oxtail and rice and this is served in Atlantic City and Las Vegas soup bowl kitchens…..the amount I am suggesting has a serving size of at least 20 plus bowls. The difference with this recipe is I added neck-bones with oxtails, green onions instead of Asian spinach and used my own particular seasoning to taste. I had to use what was in my seasoning closet and you can too! Sprinkle with red pepper for a spicier taste.

I have an old pot that I fill with water. I first put in pinto beans for an hour and threw in 2 bags of mixed beans and its on and simmering. It takes about 5-7 hours of simmering to get the meat to fall off the bone. Than let it cool overnight….I skim the fat off the top and can it after that into containers to freeze for a rainy day. Of course we will eat a little bit but you will have so much it is in your best interest to freeze it for a cold winter day.

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