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Although I am not a big fan of TFCD, especially the shit on Craigslist that constantly show up which makes me want to gag from the thought of meeting God knows who????…. I am a huge fan of organized Meet and Greets by folks who understand the importance of an organized event with models, MakeupArtist and industry folks who are only interest in getting it on and popping to their own beat. Local organized Meet and Greets allow industry folks to gather together to network without any drama in an atmosphere conducive to the well being of the model and photographer, etc…..no fanfare, no promise but a good time combine with beauty and the photographers hungry for the opportunity to use their gear and the model wanting to be captured in the best possible way to sell her/his image to an agent.

In my humble opinion…this is the only way a wannabee model will get free pictures to add to her/his portfolio and than make an arrangement to obtain the edited images by paying the photographer an fee that is reasonable and fair to both parties. Hey that’s just me….but than again there are those who think everything in life is free and not worth investing. That’s another post in the near future.

What do I mean? At least be willing to pay for a DVD of the images at an extremely reasonably rate….after all the model does not have to pay for an Photoshoot with the photographer at an Meet & Greet, just a door charge and the photographer is hoping to Photoshoot with professional models and fresh fierce faces with the hopes of breaking into the challenging world of modeling with digital images to add to their growing portfolio of digital images, etc. Again that could just be me with these thoughts?

Come with your fiercest face, fashion, professional attitude and tons of business cards or pen and paper. Make sure you to exchange business cards or something to exchange who you are, pertinent information between the photographer and model, otherwise it can be a waste of time. I can’t tell you how many models I have had the opportunity to snap and it is a blank…..who do you send the images to? Again, that could just be me!?!

BOB ft Bruno Mars – Nothing On You…..Beautiful Girls

The beautiful model in the picture to your left is Bunny Greene who I had the oppourtunity to shoot at a Slyhorse Meet and Greet located in Rockville. I did not know her and she does not know me but she was a great subject to work with and allow me the opportunity to use my gear.

According to Bunny Model Mayhem page: ****NO LONGER MODELING!  i am doing acting and Make Up If you need to Contact me for MUA: Mayhem #1472753****
If you desperately want me for a project you can message me- i will still get it, be specific for it and do not simply tell me “you want to work with me”

Unlike Craigslist……Model Mayhem allows Photographers and Industry folks to connect in a neutral setting. That in my book should get the serious industry folks attention!

Who:  Catwalk Studioz by Phibert Photos

When: May 15 & 16, 2010

 Oh Snap | Photographers, Model Meet & Greet

You must register: UnOfficial/Official attendee’s Please RSVP with me become an official attendee. Please note this dude is not endorsing me but I might just show up to capture the beautiful models in attendance and network….local fare on the scene doing the damn thang always get my attention! Because it takes a lot nowadays to get my attention from my family, pets and boys; I get excited when I am listed on Model Mayhem and made aware of happenings around town in my local neck of the woods. Kudos to you Philbert!

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