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Today I woke up having a random thought about my most recent Meet and Greet on May 15, 2010 at Cat Studio. I have attended several local Meet and Greets and events. I enjoy myself but I find the communication is not on par with expectations involved when using the services of others. This is the first event that I had been inundated with email demanding and requesting image turnaround in less than 72 hours and no discussion of payment for high resolution images? Prior to this event I had a life and it does not revolve around unpaid work from a Meet and Greet event…edited images are uploaded periodically and for the sole purpose of impressing you into buying the high resolution digital images for your portfolio unless otherwise specified.

Let’s keep it 100 since everyone else from the M&G event decided on being direct in their approach. I might as well go there…Ms. Nice has left the building…..my type  “A” business personality is surfacing. I really don’t care if your just reviewing them, giving them to your boyfriend, posting them on your forehead or behind…the unedited images are available on flickr for your review.  I don’t recall signing nor discussing a model release with anyone. My intentions for attending a Meet and Greet is an opportunity to use my camera and to improve my digital imaging skills, networking and book clients. Anything short of that is a bunch of bullshit to me and a complete waste of my time. I only donate my photography services to reputable and properly titled 501(c) non profit organizations who can prove it….I can’t write off on my taxes bullshit for expenses…I don’t want to take that hit financially. I am going to tell some of you youngings like I tell my own kids….if you are serious about your dreams be willing to invest in them, volunteer your services for worthy causes and stay clear of the bullshit. Now that I got that off my chest….I am sharing my experience in the past about Meet and Greets; and some advice from industry folks who wouldn’t attend a Meet and Greet if you promise them exposure and all that wholesome bullshit that comes with the territory. If I don’t hear from you again or you get a little salty……oh well, it was nice meeting you. Perhaps we will cross paths again? It’s not personal it’s just business….. Meet and Greet Policy after the break!

  • Meet and Greet are a networking event. Attendance is typically free and my first paid event was at Cat Studio held on May 15, 2010. You can find a list of Meet and Greet events on Model Mayhem and by surfing the Internet.
  • Always make sure you understand the rating of each Meet and Greet. Children allowed, nudity, tattoo, etc. You get the picture….
  • No drama allowed….that would mean no fighting, no getting all extra with it when someone says something to you…
  • The purpose of uploading unedited images is to show you the before and after.
  • Post Processing and retouching digital images is a lot of work for the photographer to complete……again it not just done for you..it is for the purpose of improving their skills and to sell you the high resolution images.
  • Post Processed digital images are not free.
  • Photographers own copyright to their images unless it is directly purchased from them.
  • Models must sign a model release if they want to use the images.
  • Low resolution digital images are uploaded to the perspective photographer websites for your viewing, you have the option of suggesting an edit that you have in mind, to purchase the high resolution digital images and to schedule a paid one on one Photoshoot with the photographer.
  • High Resolution images must be purchased unless stated otherwise by the photographer simply giving them to you for promotional purposes.
  • Photographers edit images from Meet and Greets to perfect their skills and to impress you with what to expect if you hire them for their photography services.
  • If you attended a Meet & Greet-Negotiate with the photographer after the event-they are willing to work with you but don’t expect them to work for free.
  • Always bring business cards-this is your opportunity to exchange information. Nowadays who has time to write stuff down, especially an photographer. They are too engrossed in getting the best shots
  • Be willing to give fierce face, altitude and fashion. Don’t expect the photographer to figure it all out for you.
  • The photographer is willing to shoot you for free at a Meet and Greet unless specified otherwise.
  • A lackadaisical altitude is the worst and will show in your images….at least that has been my experience.
  • Have a purpose why your there…digital images to update portfolio, promo, kid pics, ect.
  • Don’t expect one photographer to spend all their time with you…it is not a paid studio session. This is the time to network and build a repertoire of folks in your database.
  • It can be quite interesting the people you meet on the way up are the same folks you meet on your way down…..a negative attitude has a lasting impact on folks memory of you. Example: Ask Tiger Woods and Chris Brown who are their real friends right now that his shit has come tumbling out the closet. uh huh!
  • Sharing information to newb/noobs makes for a wonderful experience for everyone in the industry….nothing in life is free except for information and sometimes that comes with a price depending on who is giving it to you!
  • Some folks are willing to share their gifts but their time and skills are valuable to them…just a thought when venturing out to local Meet and Greets.
  • Showing up to every Meet and Greet and never booking a photographer for their services can get old and boring….I am  just saying nothing is free.
  • Don’t always expect folks to give away their photography services for free.
  • It is an insult to expect someone to photograph you for free except at Meet and Greets.
  • Do you always want to be consider the freebie model, designer or artist? This is great if your working for charitable organizations….
  • Network, network and find and create your opportunity…..
  • Remember to only believe results and not the bullshit talking…..lot of that on Craigslist promising exposure and connects…uh huh!
  • Exposure in this world is free…don’t let folks promise you that, you can promote yourself. Social media made that possible.
  • Flickr or my growing gallery for review of what I do with my camera……I do know how to use one.
  • Did I mention that photographers LOVE paid work…..not sure who came up with the ideal that we work for free?
  • Most of all keep your heads up!
  • Subject to change at the photographer4you discretion.

This may be a touchy feely subject to those looking for that professional photographer who they think is looking for a free picture but why would you expect to get anything in life for free? Photographers who want free pictures can walk out their door and get that 24/7. However if your looking to build a book at an affordable rate to take on go-sees, than a local Meet and Greet is the way to go. Photographers do not discriminate, nor do they care about your race, what your wearing…..maybe that’s me but it is always nice if a model comes with fierce face and bring their “A” game. It benefits both parties to get the best shot to build a book of quality images. As quiet as it is kept……photographers do not work for free.

thephotographer will only take free images of you at Meet & Greets and charitable organizations. Even than there is an expectation of a ROI. thephotographer4you is a register LLC-check the Maryland database. YUP! I want to be paid for my photography services…..cause gas is not free! I want it to be clear that I don’t give away my copyright unless your paying for it. I will not release high resolutions unless you pay for them and printing services are not free. My studio is not open house or house party for the neighborhood…..freebie photoshoots are not my preference and if that is what you looking for, go buy a camera and have your friend take pictures of you. I prefer to setup a business meeting to discuss your concept and to sign a contract with a deposit. I am always willing to negotiate…..in the meantime folks, keep your heads up!

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