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I am a little bitter that I am not in the inside circle of Steve Job’s croonies who had a hands on experience with the iPad before it hit the masses. I don’t think he would have a darkie like me that far up the totem pole at the Apple headquarters reviewing his tech wares anytime soon, he want us to buy it and then talk smack about how great of a unit it is to all my friends!  I will get it over it though…..these words I am spewing may have something to do with the fact that in the past I walked through and was trained by the Apple University back in the day. I know they are allege to be the creme d’ la of technology opposite of Windows….boys fighting over who is the best. Quiet as it is kept Bill Gates and Steve Jobs use to be road dogs but those days are long gone. Any way iPad sold an astounding 700k units depending on who you ask and what the blogosphere is reporting.
If I sound bitter….maybe a little because I don’t have an enough pennies in my water jar to run out and get my own iPad and Steve Jobs did not include me in his inside circle to get one for free. Oh really…..gag me with a spoon already…technology can be so played. I think I just fell in love with all of my old HP equipment more after Apple overzealous marketing blitz to the fools that fell for the first generation of the iPad….any glitches reported yet?

The official video of Apple iPAD. Steve Jobs made the announcement in San Francisco on January 27, 2009. Video with commentary by several members of the development team including Jonathan Ive, Apple’s chief designer. The Fake Steve Jobs has a few words for ya’all!
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