“On the Ocean” by K’ Jon

This morning the “Tommy Pranks” on the “Steve Harvey” morning show was hilarious. He played a  prank on a deacon of a church and they prayed, than it got really hilarious when Tommy told him he knew about him going into the hospital for a surgical procedure. Tommy told the deacon that he wanted one of the deacon’s kidney since he was going to be opened up from the surgical procedure. The deacon got soooo upset and start cursing Tommy out. He had lost is anointing for a short period of time. You had to be listening because I was laughing so hard, it was one of his best pranks to date. The deacon’s daughter had ask Tommy to prank her father and put a smile on his face before the surgery because he was worried. It did that and than some. Tommy will play a prank on anyone, just complete the form on “Tommy Pranks” .

Than the Steve Harvey morning show DJ played this song “On the Ocean” by K’ Jon. I loved this song but I never knew the artist and the name of the song until this morning. It is very mellow but the lyrics are beautiful and meaningful. It makes me think back to a time period of the good ole days hanging out with family laughing, eating and sharing stories about one another. I get this nostalgic feeling to return back home to visit my love ones.

 On the Ocean by K Jon

 On the Ocean by K Jon On the Ocean by K Jon On the Ocean by K Jon On the Ocean by K Jon

On The Ocean – KJon

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