NSFW*Coach Carlie Christine Spread On The Internet

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Hell has no fury as a women scorn. That what happen to coach Carlie Christine, she always want to coach high school cheerleaders and only posed nude to pay for her way through college. Well, when ol’ hot Carlie decided to exude some authority over her cheerleaders for not showing up for practice; she did what anyone in her position would do; she kicked their asses off the team. Than she found her ass spread all over the Internet. Girls who were recently cut from the cheerleading squad at Casa Roble High School in Orangevale, Calif., got “revenge” on their coach, 20-year-old Carlie Becker, by “exposing her Playboy modeling activities,” under the name Carlie Christine, to school authorities, who promptly fired her. Oh well, she can always call Poppa Hef back for another Playboy spread. She obviously had the look they were looking for to put her in the Playboy magazine. The digital images are your standard Playboy spread. Christine is also Playboy’s ‘cyber girl of the week.’

NSFW* Playboy Digital Images

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