Nikki Catsouras “Never Got A Chance To Really Live and Love Life.”

I can’t help but ponder today about the Catsouras family who loss their beloved 18-year-old daughter, Nikki Catsouras. Not any one of us can realized the pain they have suffered and that no one can imagine what the family must be going through or have gone through the day that she crashed her father’s Porsche 911 Carrera. Reason why I say that is when ever you loss someone you always have that family member or friend who say…I understand how you feel. No the hell you don’t and you never will understand it unless you walked a mile in that person shoes. sniffing and wiping my face with Kleenex hoping I don’t say anything stupid all at the same time while I am typing but I will say this: 2  ass-wipe police officers who operated above the color of law leak the photographs to the Internet and the word on the Internet street is the Catsouras family received a digital photographs in an anonymous email message which I am sure was very upsetting and forced them to relived that horrific day all over again during their time of grieving. I bet $5 it was those crooked cops who thought it was funny at the time.  I never heard of this story until today which made me wonder why the family experience such a gruesome ending to their beloved daughter. February 16, 2007 the New York Post wrote an article called “Untangling a Web of Lies.” I believe it is human nature to want to view images that are shocking at least once until they realize it is something they can’t stomach. The digital photographs are too shocking for me to post on this WordPress blog. My heart goes out to the Catsouras family and we should pray that they may find peace through this terrible storm. Nikki Catsouras was a beautiful young woman and never got a chance to really live and love life. This story is sad on many levels…just plain sad!

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Maybe God is trying to tell the family something….start a foundation and become advocates for other parents Mourning a the loss of a Child. I was not able to find any organizations that may have been formed by the family after the loss of their child. I wonder if bereavement organizations have attempted to reach out to assist the family at this trying time in their lives.

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