NFSW | Women Letting It All Hangout on the Internet

Courtney recently posted a collection of outrageous photographs of herself (according to her visible tattoos, these are not new) on Facebook. This one features transsexual model Amanda Lepore whipping Courtney’s bare bottom.

Lepore, who was born Armand Lepore, is well-known for her extreme cosmetic surgery, resulting in large breasts and her plumped up lips.  In another photo Courtney appears to adopt Michael Jackson’s infamous crotch grabbing move in a revealing black dress.  Other shots show the Hole singer sitting on a swing, her make-up seemingly inspired by the ‘heroin-chic’ era that became popular in the fashion industry during the mid-Nineties. She is also seen nude, but for a pair of frilly knickers, posing in a deserted warehouse.

A trend is going down amongst older women brokering deals that have them loosing their clothes and performing sexual acts on the Internet these days… Kendra sextape, Mindy McCreedy sextape and there is a Danielle sextape from New Jersey Housewives getting their freak on internet…..warning don’t click the sextape links unless your a mature adult prepared to view a women with no ideal why anyone would want to watch her sex with an x-boyfriend.

You think these dolls are PMSing or hitting early menopause? Sort of like men when they want to rekindle their their mid 50′s. It could be when times get tough, it time to get naked? Recession proof and stay in the news type of tactics…

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