NSFW: Naked Celebrity Girl Week

 NSFW: Naked Celebrity Girl Week

This let it all hang out all started when Cassie spread eagle naked images being leaked on the Internet after they were hacked from her email, you know P. Diddy number 1 girl.

Than Rihanna private naked stashed leaked from an unnamed source. Despite rumors claiming that Rihanna’s ex Chris Brown sparked media attention this weekend by releasing nude photos of RiRi, the “Kiss Kiss” singer is denying any involvement in the incident. A representative for Brown has told Essence.com, “This is both a false and defamatory statement. Chris has not released or ‘leaked’ any photos of Rihanna (or anyone else for that matter).” Rihanna is said to be so embarrassed that she has fled the Hollywood scene, escaping to Hawaii for some much needed time away from the spotlight. The Umbrella singer had clearly taken these shocking photos herself in the buff in what appears to be her hotel bathroom. In the past Rihanna has insisted that she would never want to be pictured naked saying “My mother would kill me if I posed nude.” Is she really running from the world or just her mother? What about Rihanna sex tape that has yet to be released….

Now to out do them all with a sex tape is Hoopz from the reality show called the “Flavor of Love.” Let’s not forget who started all of this: Lindsay, Britney, Paris and Kim K were the original let it all bare out on the Internet. You see what it has done for their career. Bad and good publicity is better than no pubicity! I read that J. Lo may be the next one to have her butt spreaded all over the Internet. If you think about it hard enough, we all may have a nude shot out there lurking in the dark ready to be released once you hit the celebrity trail and someone willing to expose you doing the dirty once you broke up with them. That’s all part of being a star. Just ask Miss California who wants Naked Pictures taken down off a celebrity gossip website.

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