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Several weeks ago while surfing Internet I came across a very cool industry blog but lost the address due to one of my computers dying today. I saved it in Internet Explorer instead of one of the top browsers on the Internet, Mozilla FireFox which would have allowed me to sync my websites and it will automatically do it for me.  The PC box started making a fan blowing sound but I ignored it. I thought my son was vacuuming his room yesterday; I had to find things for the lad to do on his free snow day. It was my PC making all that noise. I thought the electricity went out but I can hear music blasting from the youngin’ room and my PC external speakers were still lit up. The PC simply crash and died within 5 minutes of making that loud fan sound. Baby, I clocked some serious hours on my notebooks and computers. Thank goodness that I have more than one PC and notebooks in my crib otherwise I would have withdrawals. I found a mix-tape torrent website with some of the hottest artist on the market. The artwork and graphics are out of this world. I think they are using LucisArtAdobe Plug-ins and Adobe Photo-shop used in creative ways that we have never seen at the retail level. Amazing work!

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We can’t get tire of the Rick Ross and 50 cent beef; two ground men battling about much ado about nothing. Damn; rappers are very narcissistic creatures and have extremely big egos. You would have think by now these two grown men have grew up. If they took the negative energy that they put into tearing one another down they could change a generation and community of kids that look up to them. Rappers wonder why people  have an negative view and perspective about Rappers who rap for a living. If I did not know any better, I would think that both of these men are acting drag queens putting their freakum dress on.

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I found this website on ehow while reading an article about downloading free music. This is legal P2P sharing on the Internet and it extremely fast. I have to admit I am extremely impress. Could it better than LimeWire Pro? The Internet has changed the way we listen to music and how we obtain it. Don’t get mad at me; I am just the messenger. I do wonder will this be considered bootlegging?

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