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While Kanye West was cutting off the beloved singer Taylor Smith award speech, Beyonce sharing the stage with Taylor Smith, Lil Mama jumping up on the stage after Jay Z and Alicia Keyes sung Empire State of mind, while President Obama was calling Kanye a jackass and twitter running amuck with racial slurs and tension rising faster than most folks blood pressure. Oprah, Tyler Perry, Mariah were busy in Canada promoting the upcoming film ‘Precious’ at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival.

Personally I think all of it was staged. What the hell do I know though I think it was a very inexpensive marketing ploy for all involved….besides who has the budget anymore to run big ad campaigns. Beyonce has a new fragrance called “Fierce” coming out but is about to get shut down by Abercrombie and Fitch who recently filed a lawsuit against her for trademark infringement. Taylor Smith is more famous than she was last week, now the world knows who she is and the VMA is getting the much needed publicity it needs to be put back on the maps and television screens of folks. I am sure Kanye West could use a break to come up with some new music and a new altitude when he pops up on the screen or on tour soon with Lady Gaga. All the parties involved in this alleged celebrities misfits that the public get tricked into and whose true colors come alive should really observe the players involve…..all of the celebrities are selling something and they want us to buy it!

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