Monique Takes Home A Sag Man – SAG Awards 2010

Monique Monique Takes Home A Sag Man   SAG Awards 2010

The Sag Awards held at Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium on Saturday (January 23). It all went down tonight on television and the winners were a pretty nice lineup of actors who are extremely talented. Despite what the naysayers said about Monique’s demands for money for appearances to promote the movie “Precious”…I am glad Monique took home a Sag man. Lord knows she earned it after allowing herself to go really hard looking in the movie…..the entire cast in Precious gave hell of an performance and brought awareness about physical and sexual abuse in the black community that I never knew existed. The fact that it allows precious little girls of all nationalities around the globe to tell their story pulls at my heartstrings. Lee Daniels award is long overdo!

Sandra Bullock and Betty White were absolutely adorable and had an a very special connection. Drew Barrymore almost brought me to tears. when she kept repeating herself because she was extremely nervous….that girl has a story to tell! Everyone deserves a second, third chance or until they get it right….at least she never gave up and it is an honor to be still watching the Barrymore name on the big screen.

Betty White turned 88 years old last week and is still kicking her heels up in the industry. She is in a league with the likes of Helen Mirren, Ruby Dee, Meryl, Meryl Streep, Angela Bassett and all the golden girls who are doing the damn thing in Hollywood despite what we heard about age bias. I was very happy that Ruby Dee got nominated, who is long overdue for some kudos along with her husband Ossie Davis. That is a couple that gave a lot to become actors in Hollywood….as quiet as it is kept but the golden girl still smiles and stay on the grind….check her out in America. Gotta love all of the actors who entertain us all. Actors still smile into the cameras despite the bashing they get from the media when they are having a bad moment in their lives. Which only means they are human too!

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