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Professional publishers: Stipple lets you label and monetize the content inside the pictures on your sites.

If you are a professional publisher who uses photography, say, a catalog, or a site that mostly is photo-based, like how do you monetize your images? Stipple has an answer. Stipple is an in-picture labeling tool that allows publishers to label and share any person, place or thing in the photos on their site. By activating Stipple on a site, publishers offer their users a new layer of content, commerce and information on top of their photo content. Stipple lets publishers label and monetize the content inside the pictures on their sites. Stipple is a fast way to label the content of pictures on the web. Stipple combines these labels with retail offers, social commerce and other services, depending on the type of label created. When users mouse-over a Stippled picture, they can discover the labels, info and/or offers.

Here CEO Ray Flemings , founder/CEO, tells me about the service.

More detail about Stipple on CrunchBase:

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