Michael Jackson Unpublished Images for Auction

michael jackson Michael Jackson Unpublished Images for Auction

About now I am not sure what to think of folks capitalizing off of the works and images of Michael Jackson besides his children and family. The unpublished images looks like Photoshop was used to create the images. We all know that no one looks perfect and are these really Michael Jackson? According to the Internet buzz…it is alleged that Oprah has snagged an interview with Catherine and Joseph Jackson.

On Monday 13th December 2010 in Paris, Pierre Bergé & associés will organize an exceptional auction of Michael Jackson‘s unpublished portraits.

These photographs of the pop king are the result of an extraordinary adventure lived by a young French photographer, Arno Bani, to whom the star exceptionally entrusted his image.

Arno Bani, left entirely free for the production of this shooting, created 4 different artistic scénarii and chose the greatest fashion professionals to work with him: Topolino, Seb Bascle, Frédérique Lorca and Maïda.

During this sale, 90 unique and never published items*, all numbered 1 of 1, will be presented for auction, among which:
- 4 unique portraits selected by Michael Jackson, size 210 x 166,7 cm
- 55 photographic prints (6 x 7 cm), some of them showing different productions
- All the contact sheets (31), some of them being annotated by Michael Jackson himself

This auction, organized by Pierre Bergé & Associés, will undoubtedly give rise to considerable interest among the pop star’s collectors and fans.

The book-catalogue of this auction, co-edited with Éditions du Chêne – Hachette Livre Group, will be available from October, 20th and distributed internationally.

Furthermore, a luxury box including the 4 portraits realized during this shooting will be proposed by Pierre Bergé & Associés in limited edition (2009 copies).

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