Men Are A Part of the Wedding | “Rise of Groomzillas”


bride Men Are A Part of the Wedding | Rise of Groomzillas

Bride and Groom | Photo Delores Randall


Making a major commitment to a partner is a major life changing decision for anyone. It has always been a myth that men simply want to show up at the altar flustered at the last minute drunk and simply say “I Do” to the bride.  What if the groom does not drink? Oh really now…..that is fine if the woman family is footing the entire bill and gifts are piled to the ceiling..then of course. I remember my wedding planning moments. I get stress from the mere thought of it…I gagged at the price of a basic plate of chicken at the time which was priced at $80-250 dollars per person. The planning stage was a major headache plus I could not justify nor fathom the thought of spending over $25,000 on a wedding. I elected to tie the knot at my local courthouse and renew my vows in Jamaica for 14 days. My thought process after looking at the numbers made me nix the wedding and reception….however there are folks that plan a wedding all of their lives…matter of fact live for the moment including the men. Here comes “Groomzilla”….now that I think about it. I purchased my wedding dress too soon based on the adage that a women should purchase a dress as soon as she gets engaged. The dress sat hung in my closet for over 4.5 years and thank goodness I could still wear it. Nowadays both parties should plan the wedding and the reception…#justsaying the variables change when you’re an older bride and groom, a young bride and groom, recession, unemployed, blended family, divorcees, live to together already, parents are paying,  money is tight and you must consider the day after the wedding when everyone has gone home. Most brides don’t include the groom during the wedding planning stage…they simply want the groom to show up with his checkbook or his parents…I think not!



bride2 Men Are A Part of the Wedding | Rise of Groomzillas

Bride | Photo Delores Randall

It has always been said that a man is not interested in the wedding planning. No longer are men willing to simply show up for an plate of expensive food, talk to folks he never met, smile and dance to tunes he did not help in selecting and pull out a checkbook to pay the bill. That is no longer true according to Susan Clemence at Marie Claire. Men are interest in every single wedding detail and especially a man that has to foot the bill. Nowadays be mindful of the “The Rise of Groomzilla”…uh huh!


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