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LucisArt 2 is coming soon! According to this email newsletter the discounts will be over soon. Here is an newsletter that was dropped into my mailbox this morning. I am still a little bitter about their change of mine with the Beta testing due to piracy issues they were too afraid to allow any Beta testing on the new LucisArt 2. I not sure if a plugin is worth the money. The jury is not out with this new release. I have not had a chance to test drive it.  There are thousand of products on the market that claim to be a professional photographer dream to achieving that finish look to their digital images. My favorite will always be Adobe Creative Suite for all of your photographic needs. LucisArt 2 is a plugin that almost cost as much as a full product. This is only my opinion…I do have to wonder how many people are going to be knocking down the door to get the new LucisArt 2. Let the raving and buzz begin…

The newsletter maybe hard to read:

Dear D,

Reminder- only 2.5 days left. The $140 discount coupon for new software purchases for LucisArt 2 owners expires at midnight EST on November 12, 2008.  Please see the online store for details and qualifications. If you are a LucisArt 2 owner and you think you qualify for this discount and do not have the discount coupon information please ask for it ASAP.  E-mail . This November 12 deadline will not be extended, even if the e-commerce site or web sites experience any technical difficulties on the last day.  Tomorrow (November 11) is a US holiday so the office will be closed starting at noon. It will open again at 9:00 am EST Wednesday.

Lucis Pro 6.0 is by far the best product for professional photographers.  It is a thousand times more flexible and powerful than LucisArt 3. 


New video Lucis Pro 6.0 Usage Tips are under development and will be posted in the next 1-2 weeks. Part of the value of buying Lucis Pro 6.0 is the development of Usage Tips.


With the $140 discount and the temporary $50 price reduction Lucis Pro 6.0 only costs $405 plus shipping until November 12, 2008. Regular pricing is $595. You can also return the software for your money back if you are not completely satisfied. Please see the Product Return Policy for more information:


LucisArt 3 to Lucis Pro 6.0 upgrades will be available. The LucisArt 3 ED to Lucis Pro 6.0 upgrade will cost $375.  The LucisArt 3 ED/SE to Lucis Pro 6.0 upgrade will cost $295. These upgrade products will be added to the Lucis Pro online store within the next 1-2 weeks.  Discount coupon codes will not apply to this upgrade product. If you wish to upgrade earlier than that please e-mail me ( ).



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