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After arriving home from a long road trip of 8 hours, bickering with my husband about directions and a son whose mind was reeling from his football tour experience at West Point. I decided I wanted to sit and chat at the feet of my parents over the last couple of days…..sort of like hiding away from the husband and kid. LOL! I needed a break after staring at guys in a car, talking with football coaches, football recruits and looking at one another for the weekend…..I needed some girl time ASAP! The mommy team that was at West Point was not on call for me to call for some girl talk! I am always astonish by the information I gather by sitting, listening to the advice from my mom who has endured a marriage of 54 years, my sister who has been married for 18 years and women who lived to be 93 years old. The gift of life, love and longevity is a precious gift when viewed through the lens of positive energy and folks willing to part with advice about their journey. My cup runneth over for sure to take back to the abode to start all over again…..if I thought about throwing in the towel, that thought is not an option after listening to these dolls. I come home ready to deal with my beloved family…I smile that the good lord has blessed me with challenges that are not worth giving up for anyone in this world. Let nothing asunder…..

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Find at the Thrift Store - MD

During my visit with my parent, we decided to thrift it at Value Village (New Carrollton) a local thrift store in the Maryland area to peruse the isles. My granny loves to snag material and my mom loves to kiki just about anything that rolls off our tongues. I was amazed to find a Town & Country February 2011 in the magazine section. Imagine my surprise when I found a pair of  black suede Via Spiga slippers with a meduim heel, Burgundy Ralph Lauren back half shoes, a January and February 2011 of Town & country magazines, Jones of New York Suit and my favorite of all; a Michael Kors 100% Linen dress. Total purchase with a 25% discount under $25. I was absolutely amazed to find my vintage garb at thrift store prices in a dusty building that some of us snootie folks would turn our noses up. I will go anywhere with my granny and mom simply for the sake of garnering a warm laugh from their precious lips. In the interim I just might learn something. On a sidenote when we got back to my parent apartment, I begged my granny to give up her leather find for me to make pillows….she is a huge material lover, she sews whatever comes to mind for therapy and to keep her mind active.

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. The articles in the February 2011 issue about “Love & the Rich”, “I Wish I’d Married Rich What is Marriage Now?, “What He Really Thinks About Your Plastic Surgery”, “The Divorce of the Year and “The Top Divorce Lawyers” are a must read for every doll and dude. Everyone should have a copy simply for the reference material….justsaying the “field guide to divorce lawyers” may come in handy. On a happier note….I plan on making this “Valentine’s Day” special. My husband proposed to me on Valentine’s Day..uh huh!

On the menu for Valentine’s Day 2011

Gumbo, Geechee Geechee Ya Ya pg 13 Patti Labelle with Laura B. Randolph. Get a group of folks and everyone purchase an meat ingredient for a double serving. Everyone will be able to take home leftovers…

Red velver cake with frosting

Champagne and wine

Chocolate… nibble on with a mushroom and crab appetizer.

My camera to snap pictures of couples and singles to share, heehaw, kiki it up and talk clean mess! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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