LISTEN | Jerry Seinfield Hates Lady Gaga

Jerry Seinfeld reacts, during an interview with Steve Somers on WFAN NY, to Lady Gaga’s behavior at Citi Field in Queens. On June 10, during a Mets game, Gaga shot the finger at a photographer and then got sent to Seinfeld’s private box as if it were a holding cell.
It is clearly obvious that Seinfeld has no love for Lady Gaga…he hates her! Especially when she flipped her finger to photographers snapping her picture and than get this. They escorted Gaga to Seinfeld private box seats that he paid for..dude is over Lady Gaga and I am sure most folks are feeling the same way. The novelty is clearing wearing off as she prances around in public in ensembles that most folks would be cited and indecent exposure summons or carted off to jail. I for one am glad Seinfeld comment about her behavior. I am sure behind the scenes an employee or upper management at the Mets stadium received a tongue lashing that would make his fans think he lost he mind.
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