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The photography industry is a bit of bizarre, scams, scandals, interesting and educational activity wrapped up in one big package. How do you know when to walk away from the foolishness? Imagine thinking you won the Australia’s Next To Model Contest and a few seconds the title is snatched away from you..both of them are pretty girls. Did Sarah Murdoch not look at the larger than life photo behind her….Kelsey Martinovich was momentarily crowned model queen, before having it literally snatched away a few seconds later by an apologetic Murdoch and given to fellow contestant Amanda Ware.

L’Oreal Drops Photographer over Scandal

Upskirt photographer could face 38 years in jail

She thought he was her friend – Lindsay Lohan’s Photographer Pal: ‘Hopefully Rehab Will Work for Her This Time’

This photographer brings cancer awareness to a whole new level – Photographer captures spirit of men, women breast cancer survivors

My daddy did not take any money or sell any pictures to the FBI – Exposed: Civil rights photographer revealed as FBI informant Family argues

Photographer sues for $25o million – Photog Puts Foot Down — Sues Skechers for $250 Mil

Another photographer scam – weddingplans: photographer scam?

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