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Photographers seeking to test drive new glass and photography gear can rent lens and camera equipment from online rental websites and local Washington, D.C and Virginia locations. Why envy the shutterbug who always seems to have all the latest glass, lighting and camera gear…for all you know he/she could be renting. I have rented glass, lighting and flash in the pass from Penn Camera from the Washington, D.C. location several years ago. My husband had gifted me with a Canon EOS 30D for Christmas. I was still learning about the camera accessories and lens available for my Canon gear….boy was I surprised to learned that glass is not cheap. The rental equipment provided is in perfect equipment.  The Penn Camera staff are customer service oriented and extremely friendly folks…..at least that was my experience. Renting your gear is an excellent way to test drive equipment without the expense.

Try before you buy!

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Before heading to the camera store to rent camera or lens equipment, photographer and anyone else involved in the shoot should discuss the types of shots they will be taking, locations, time of day and other factors. This way, the shutterbug will be able to select the necessary gear or lens and can explain the shoot details to the rental company so that the person putting the gear together can suggest the proper equipment. Ask lots of questions….you would be amazed what you will learn from the rental staff…..some of those folks behind the counter are professional photographers too!
 Lets Talk Industry | Lens Rental

A few things to bear in mind when renting camera and lens equipment: All equipment is secured with a credit card, make sure you understand the return policy and if you lose it, you bought it. This is when the discussion of insurance replacement should be throughly discussed before signing the dotted line. If the company does not offer rental insurance – I suggest that you make a telephone call to your homeowners or rental insurance for apartments to make sure they will cover your accidental loses. Basically if you borrow something and it gets stolen, you pay for the replacement. If you’ve been tempted to find out what that $2000 lens is really like, it could end up costing some serious out of pocket coins! Just make sure you’ve got insurance of your own that covers it.

Penn Camera – local Washington D.C. and Virginia location

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Reseller Review and Ratings

I hope this list is a good start for the shutterbug that sent me a PM. Feel free to ask me any questions.

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