Let’s Talk Industry | Baltimore Photographer David Hobby

david hobby Lets Talk Industry | Baltimore Photographer David Hobby

The Photography industry has taken a huge hit during the recession and most photographers are out of work. Barely surviving on the skimpy assignments, TFCD/TF that promise exposure and future work if the photographer works for free, stock photography that merely pays the photographer what the image is worth, wedding gigs that attempt to short change the photographer.  A Baltimore Sun Photographer who took a buyout, started a blog and change photography forever – David Hobby.

Hobby’s story is unique because it has the industry panties in a bunch. What is really cool is that he a local Baltimore photographer that has the internet buzzing about his lighting skills. During this recession who has the coins for overpriced lighting gear, new cameras and simply a whole bunch of bullshitting to get the perfect shot? In steps David Hobby with a few tips and tricks that are surely worth paying attention for the amateur and professional photographer to pick up their gear to capture the perfect shot.

David Hobby is a 20-year career newspaper shooter. He studied photojournalism at the University of Florida and has worked for the Leesburg (FL) Commercial, the Orlando (FL) Sentinel, UPI, and lots of other publications as a freelancer/stringer/intern. He has been a staff photographer at Patuxent Publishing (Columbia, MD) from ’88-’99 and at The Baltimore (MD) Sun. He currently shoots editorial and institutional assignments.

On his blog, Hobby is simply known as the The Strobist. His posts are focused on learning how to use off-camera flash to take your photos to the next level.

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