Let’s Rethink About Why Women Should Reconsider Weaves

My favorite Model Nomi Lets Rethink About Why Women Should Reconsider WeavesNaomi Campbell was on a fashion shoot for Dennis Basso in New York on Monday. The super model has taken a blogging beating ever since she went to court for throwing a cellphone and today on cyberstreet bloggers have been wagging their tongues about her hair loss. When I first saw the photos I did not know what to think about the raw exposure of the model allowing herself to be snapped in such a way we have never really seen the model on location prepping for a photoshoot. Naomi had to hide and keep her hair covered up from prying eyes for goodness only knows how long…imaging the labor in that type of routine? Especially at Naomi Campbell’s level of success in the modeling world of high fashion…only insiders and her closest friend and family were ever privy to the real Naomi Campbell. All day I have been pondering whether to post a picture of the beautiful model. What was I going to discuss? I did not want to bash the beautiful model because that would be disrespectful…lord knows she really can be battling something she has decided to not share with her fans. Kudos to her team for keeping it under wraps until she was ready to share the images of her hair loss with the world. I agree with Sandra Rose. It is clearly obvious the very much in demand model and she is considered one of the most beautiful models on the runway has Alopecia Areata. As quiet as it is kept this is an issue that has haunted women and men for centuries but no one cares to discuss it at the Thanksgiving dinner table amongst family and friends. I have a very young cousin who was born with Alopecia Areata and she can not grow hair. The youngster has been undergoing treatment for years. She wears wigs and I have heard there is a little excitement when she is able to grow as much as a whisker of hair on her head. I agree with Dlisted that Naomi should just shave everything off and work the bald look or she can start a wig or funky hat line. Her hair has always been on point..she has always appeared well put together to me.

As quiet as it is kept most women and men from all nationalities suffer from some form of hair thinning, hair loss and baldness. When I told my sister my hair was thinning on the side of my head, she conveyed to me that it had something to do with aging and perhaps a fluctuation of my hormones. I personally thought it was a thyroid issue and some other underlying issues going on…still researching it. I did give up the relaxers over a year ago and found that I am comfortable with my natural crop of hair…I did have a weave experience that left me abandoning the entire Afterwards 150x150 Lets Rethink About Why Women Should Reconsider Weavesprocess when I had to take it out and accidentally cut my own hair when I mistaken it for the black thread. Dang! I find this digital image interesting simply because Naomi Campbell allowed herself to be photographed and exposed her hair loss to the world. She already know what the bloggers are going to do before it is written…especially haters who hide behind their computer screens and keystrokes. Sister girl is beautiful because she is obviously not her hair…many fashion houses can attest to that and so should she. I heart Naomi Campbell…now go ahead and come out the closet with whatever that is causing your hair loss, be a spokeperson on the hair loss issue and educate us all. I learned about your hair loss many years ago long before blogs ever came on the scene….you have the face to wear a buzz and shave off look. Reinvent yourself….it will do your self esteem good and build the most fabulous wig collection that a diva of your stature can afford. Than sell it to all of the trolls like me who heart you and live for your fashionable choices. Now go strutt your stuff and keep giving us fashion, face and allow us to live precariously through you darling!

Note to my sister: Honey I was always amazed that you would cut all your hair off and start over as if it was your own canvas to work with…my dear your the reason I gave up on relaxers. I secretly envy that part of you and was absolutely amazed at the same time of your daring buzz  hairstyles. You always looked fly to me. When you came to visit me with my dearest niece and told me you were natural. WOW! We had girl chat about the process of growing out natural hair..you were very honest about my ignorance about growing out my natural hair. You told me I processed my hair too much. The reality of the issue is that most women process and color their hair too much to maintain a look for whom I am not certain of anymore. I was overlapping my hair with chemicals to maintain the straightness and doing to much with my hair that started a lot of the issues which I was having. Dry hair, burned and a scabbing scalp and flat hair was my middle name. I was inspired to be naturally myself and love my natural African American hair. What I have discovered is that I love the texture, it wasn’t much different than when I permed it. I took care of it the same way I would have if I had a perm. I like being natural because it Hey Beautiful 150x150 Lets Rethink About Why Women Should Reconsider Weaves freed me from the rigorous routine of maintaining touchups after a full perm. I like braids and allowing my natural hair to grow and do what it do. You help me go back to my childhood roots. We were raised to embrace our natural hair and the thought of it intrigues me to this day. I wondered how did I get away from loving my natural hair and when did perming my hair become an obsession? I love you always and I will be thankful for you helping me with that revelation. Your my bestie and my dear sister, I couldn’t ask the lord to bless me with anything or anyone better than that…if anything I am blessed to have you as a sister and friend. I thank the almighty God for that…tootles until the next girl chat!

True story: One time I was relaxing my hair and did not check to see if I had neutralizing shampoo. I did not have any neutralizing shampoo in the crib at all. I did not discover this until I put the chemical on my head. That’s what I get for not remembering to prepare properly before processing my hair with a chemical relaxer. My husband was chilling in the crib watching television… I screamed to my husband to run to the store to get me some neutralizing shampoo…mind you all the stores were closed and god bless his heart. Broman was startled, shocked and running around searching for his keys. He did not have a clue what shampoo to buy. In the meantime my scalp was burning like I had put a match to my scalp…my youngest son said I was freaking out and yelling at everyone and anything in the house. I was literally running around my home screaming when I realize the blunder….I rinse the relaxer from my hair and my scalp was still on fire because the chemical had not been neutralized. My husband grabbed a lot of bottles of shampoo off the shelf of a local drug store and rush home to help rescue me from my hair dilemma. I rinse it out and felt like I had been to hell and back. Thank goodness my hair did not fall out but it was fried….over chemical relaxers. For real….now I am stuck dealing with my gray strands. What’s a girl to do?

YouTube puts natural black hair on the Net

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