Let’s All Be Thankful……Thanksgiving Is Around The Corner

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Between now and Thanksgiving the only thing on my mind is my menu and hanging out with my family. What’s on your menu besides the bird? Is it the golden juicy turkey with the homemade stuffing with all of the trimmings? I get excited this time of the year until the end of the year….first of all I was born on the last day of the year and therefore Thanksgivings is sort of like a renewal period to give thanks, glory and testify to the goodness of God’s grace throughout the entire year. I am not saying it has been a perfect year but it has been hell of a year for me  to get on my knees and thank the good man above and the good God that my family serve. First of all I am thankful for being able to get up every day with my limbs, voice, speech, eyes, hearing, ability to learn, teach, inspire, enrich and love everyday despite whether I want to or not? You know how that can be when you don’t feel like getting out of bed….right? OH well, the year has been shit and should be thrown to the birds but overall it has been a good year….I really don’t like to complain at least to strangers anyway unless of course I am trying to sell a book or something? I decided from here until the end of the year I will share a part of myself that could either inspire, help and teach someone how to cook a meal because we are coming upon the festive time of the year that all people should relish despite their circumstances. One thing is for certain is we are not perfect and don’t believe the hype that you read everyday in the newspaper or on blogs especially if you can’t relate….just be thankful for what you have because your life is what you make it…..be thankful for your own journey my peeps!

What is on your menu this year?

Are you feeding the homeless or cooking your own meal? In the next following days I am going to share my recipes from cookbooks, family tradition and just simply something I decided to put together on what the Randall family will be cooking and eating in our kitchen during the Thanksgiving holiday this year with my readers. If your not in the mood I understand but don’t despair….volunteer your services, perhaps that is your calling this year. Cook a dish and take it to a shut in family member, cook at home and enjoy your spouse, partner, lover and friends this Thanksgiving. I am a firm believer that we are not in control of our destiny and we never know when it is our end or a love one. Get over yourselves and selfish ways and enjoy this Thanksgiving season. I don’t care if your not into turkey….of course that is the American and traditional way but there are other folks around the world who celebrate their thanks by enjoying their favorite meals and family time with their love ones who should be just as thankful during this holiday season. Believe me…I have tasted some food that was yummy and some foods that made me want to spit it out when it went into my mouth but the person was wonderful to be around. What are you cooking up this Thanksgiving season and what do you have to stop and be thankful for this holiday season? It is a beast out there! Peace to you all and I truly love your readership and I thank God for you all…that is why  I continue to write my post despite sometimes not wanting to do it. I must push on despite it all and you must keep pushing on too! Happy Thanksgiving… I am caught up in the moment with food preparation, sharing, catching up with conversation with love ones, FB family, gaming, kids, husband, life, circumstances and just simply being thankful. I love this time of the year….don’t you?

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