Leica S2

OMG! Leica is sure to please alot of Pro-Consumers and Professional photographer with this astounding 37.5 mega-pixel metal body medium format sensor camera that’s hotter than the competition. Oh yeah, I did say that I was a fan of Canon camera’s for life but this beauty here makes you want to cheat a little. This baby has an all metal body, waterproof and much smaller than most of the DSLR’s on the market today. The new Leica S2 was built and designed in Germany. There are claims of being twice as fast as Hassablands H series cameras. Medium formats folks know what that mean; those really expensive cameras that cost an upward $30K and is totally out of reach for me at that price range. You have to visit Leica website to get the full skinny on this metal beauty because I am sure they can explain it a lot better than I can: Leica S2 is bring the mercedes of a camera; Leica will be releasing seven new bayonet-mountedS-series lens to really show what Leica can capture once you attached those to the Leica S2 Included in the line-up are a 24mm ultra-wide, 35mm wide, 70mm standard lens, 100mm ‘portrait’ lens, 120 mm macro, 180mm telephoto, and a 30mm tilt/shift lens. And though autofocus in design (with the exception of the 30 mm tilt/shift), manual focusing with electronic focus-confirmation is also possible with each of the S-series optics. Like the S2 camera body, the new lenses are also water and dustproof. Can you just imagine being able to store up to 400 Raw images on a 32 GB compact flash card, I thought they were sooo yesteryear. Better dust those babies off because hey you just might be able to get some use out of them with the new Leica S2. The price has not been release but I can assure you will need some serious coins for this metal beauty. I think one day I might have to break up with Canon but in the meantime I just drool. New Lens will be available too! Leica is not for the faint at heart as far as price tag; this baby is expensive$$$$$$!

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