Leica Partnership with CDI offers Program to Photographers

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As much as I like blogging about the overpriced Leica gear, marvel at the way it looks in glossy pictures and how I feel the gear could easily fit into my Coach pocketbook. It would be remiss of me to not comment about the Leica partnership with CDI for photographers. It is obvious that Leica is only catering to the elite photographer with deep pockets who are in the business of selling the overpriced gear to struggling photographers in an industry that clearly has taken a major hit during the recession. I would suggest to all camera owners to read the manual first that came with the camera before investing in any camera and software program. Use the money for a rainy day when the shutterbug don’t have any gigs and clients ringing the telephone. After purchasing the Leica program which does not include airfare, hotel and eating while trying to master the Leica gear….it could easily set your wallets back almost $5000-$10,000 not including the cost of the Leica camera. Uh huh! What is the ROI after purchasing the Leica program for the participants? That’s the million dollar question I would hope the program can address.

There are two programs available through the CDI/S-System partnership. The S2 Quick Start program is a one-day onsite session designed to help new and existing S2 users maximize their investment via a concise, step-by-step process of optimizing imaging performance to meet international capture standards. During this time, participants will effectively enhance the output of Adobe Lightroom workflows. The session includes custom camera calibration/configuration, camera/workflow performance report, and step-by-step documentation. The price is $2,200.00. Travel expenses are not included.

The second program features S2 Advanced Integration Services and is designed specifically for larger workgroups and studio operations where the S2 is part of a larger integrated workflow. In addition to the one-day Quick Start training, the S2 Advanced Integration Services program features a one-day needs analysis survey and report to help users address issues related to color management for display and output, advanced process control, asset management and strategies for distribution and output. The price is $4,400.00. Travel expenses are not included.

The CDI S-System Training Programs can be booked through any of Leica’s North American dealers. For more information on CDI’s services including the above packages offered, please visit www.cdiny.com or contact Scott Geffert at 347-850-2349.

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