First Lady Michelle Obama Bares Arms

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Check out our first lady posing as she bares her well muscular toned arms for her official photograph. Isn’t she lovely in this image, this photograph is better than the Vogue cover. I love Annie Leibovitz photography but the Vogue cover was not her best work. She must have been having a bad day considering all of her personal financial woes are being reported by the media and on the Internet. First Lady Michelle Obama is wearing a sleeveless Michael Kors for her first official White House portrait. Kors is a well-known American designer, he had a judge role on the popular reality fashion show, “Project Runway.” This first lady loves to roll up the sleeves and work out the issues facing this country. I have to admit that I pay attention to the first lady when she speaks and her fashion choices are fresh. Can you believe that she running around DC and the nation as an unpaid worker? My husband said that the first lady is not a paid position, well, it should be as much work as this women does. The First Lady is a grown women and can wear whatever she wants. I can’t believe folks are acting like fashion critics because the first lady chooses to bare her toned arms in sleeveless, picks her own designer based on what she likes and not the color of their skin; and she wears moderately priced garments. Maybe she sweats alot and its cooler for her to wear clothing that she can move around in freely and be comfortable in her garments while taking care of her children, husband, white house staff, media and being the first lady to the President of the United States. Previous first ladies stuck to traditional expensive and predictable garb. They weren’t as daring in their fashion choices because the media would have torn them down. It is 2009, we live in a very modernized society except that some folks have not modernized their way of thinking. Get over it and let the first lady bare her arms while she fulfills her unpaid duties addressing some of our nations problems. icon cool First Lady Michelle Obama Bares Arms

On a side note: This is the first time that the world will get a glimpse of a working class professional African American women up close and personal. It is a stark contrast from the images of wealthy billionaire Oprah and those ugly slavery images that the media and television has thrown in our face every chance they can get.

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