Kourtney Kardashion is Maxim Magazine “It” Girl

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Kourtney Kardashion is Maxim magazine “It” girl of the moment. Word on the Internet street is that Kourtney Kasdashion is her younger sister Kim Kardashion competition. All of the sisters are naturally beautiful. Enventually will see all of the sisters and brother in print on magazines. Competing against one another is not necessary the truth nor the case; the family is known for exposing their main assets against fur, a famous deceased father who defended OJ, 2 clothing stores, Kim K being push into the limelight based on that tape and “Keeping Up With Kardashions” television show on Eonline. The entire family is very beautiful, enterprising, entrepreneurial and a sociable group of real people. I enjoy watching their show. Kourtney is in excellent shape and she is extremely beautiful in her magazine spread. One thing is for certain is that new ground is being broken as far as height requirements are concern in the model industry. All of the sisters are photogenic despite obtaining a little help from Photoshop, which is a standard tool that has been used in the fashion and modeling industry like forever. Up until recently people may have been eluded into believing that the people on magazine covers are perfect human beings. It is amazing what a little makeup, tight body, famous father, access to money and a bit of confidence would do for one’s career. Kudos to the Kardashions for making their 15 minutes last a couple of seasons longer on television. Maxim photographers did an excellent job with the photography.

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