Kanye West and His Beautiful Rose Wear Fur

Kanye West and Amber Rose wore furry furs to the Louis Vuitton menswear show in Paris. Kanye West has not been invited to participate in the Haiti event but do you really think he care? Is this a stab at him personally from the industry insiders? Based on these digital images of Kanye West and Amber Rose…..they are still doing them in regardless to the reports circulating cyberspace.

Photo: Julien Hekimian

Most blogs and media outlets are reporting.:

Kanye West was named the year’s biggest turkey in 2009 — and he’s still getting the bird.

On Friday, a who’s-who of prominent pop stars from Bruce Springsteen to Alicia Keys are taking part in George Clooney’s televised telethon, “Hope for Haiti: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief.”

West, however, has been left off the guest list, according to Rob Shuter’s Naughty But Nice column on PopEater.com.

The rapper has a history of putting his foot in his mouth.

During a televised goodwill event for Hurricane Katrina victims in 2005, West ranted that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”And at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, the rapper surprisingly stormed thestage to interrupt Taylor Swift as she was accepting an award.

“After what he said on the Katrina telethon and the way he behaved at the MTV Video Music Awards, everyone agrees it’s just best that he does not participate,” a source said.

“Kayne has to make everything about himself,” the source added. “He will do anything to steal the spotlight and, well, this night it’s just not about him.”

But according to other websites Kanye West was invited but yet to respond to the invitiation to the Haiti event. Personally I think he should show up and we need to get over the Taylor Swift comment…..enough already, that is played out and its time to move on.
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