Ivanka Trump Reveals Jewelry Collection

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Ivanka Trump has already opened her own boutiques, one in New York and one soon in Las Vegas, and now is expanding! She has launched her own jewelry line! The fine jewelry collection includes simple and classic, yet stunning diamond and platinum earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Each piece has a hidden trademark, a coral circle that distinguishes the jewelry as Ivanka’s! The collection is divided into 4 types; Mixed cut, Signature, Tassels and Black & White. The Mixed cut pieces, contain hand-selected, polished diamonds. Signature pieces take up oval shapes and are encrusted with diamonds. Tassels are inspired by Hollywood’s golden age. Black & White, the name says it all … diamond jewelry encrusted with black gems and minerals like onyx, rock crystal and pearls. The jewelry collection is really stunning and high end. The prices for the jewelry are over the top and out of my price range. It is obvious that Ivanka Trump is selling the jewelry to an exclusive group of people. Love the jewelry collection….I’ll just sit here and admire the fine jewelry. On a realistic note the jewelry is very expensive. In this recession and depression climate I have to wonder who will be purchasing from Ivanka jewelry collection?

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