Is Your Husband a House Husband?

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The ‘Househusbands of Hollywood’ (from left): Darryl M. Bell, Grant Reynolds, Billy Ashley, Danny Barclay, and Charlie Mattera

I don’t know any wives in my inner circle who have a house husband but maybe you do. House husbands of Hollywood gives us a look inside of men being the partner who stay home and tend to all of the domestic stuff that traditionally women perform when they are the stay at home parent. The men deal with food preparation, shopping for the kids and the household and bills. This show is cute and comical to watch. It helps if your pockets are lined and deep with the green paper to support this non traditional lifestyle and your man. Of course these men are living extremely well in the home that their career girl works very hard to maintain.

The Hollywood househusbands along with Charlie Mattera are: former Los Angeles Dodger Billy Ashley, married to successful celebrity makeup artist Lisa Ashley; aspiring actor Danny Barclay and his wife Katherine Barclay, a high-powered Hollywood attorney; Darryl M. Bell, best known for his role on “A Different World,” plays house with actress Tempestt Bledsoe formerly of “The Cosby Show” and former Marine Corps sniper Grant Reynolds, husband of Jillian Reynolds, of “FOX NFL Sunday” and “Good Day LA.”


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