Hypocrisy and Lies of President Obama

obamaipod large Hypocrisy and Lies of President Obama

The words that spew out of the mouth of President Obama is being questioned? Some folks are calling him a liar….hmmmmmmmm!

President Obama may need to consider having a discussion about his use of technology with his public relations department ASAP! Some folks got their panties in a bunch over that statement about iPOD usage and not knowing how to use one set the tone for folks to start digging in his past statements?


He lies all the time He lied about how often he attended services at Jeremiah Wright’s church; he lied about how his parents met; how his uncle liberated Auschwitz; how his dad came to this country. The guy just lies about his own background and life. What a phony…and, btw, for someone who decries people’s use of IPODs, why did he give one to Queen Elizabeth as a diplomatic gift – one filled with his own speeches. How priceless!

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