How To Prepare A Digital Image for the Web

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The best format to use is JPEG  meaning Joint Photographic Experts Group format. This format will reduce file size by removing image information. A large MB uncompressed TIFF file can be reduced to 20 KB or 30 KB using JPEG compression. That reduces the download time of the image on a 33 KB modem from15 minutes to 10 seconds. Most of the images on thephotographer4you® are reduced for faster loading on the computer. Compressed images look great on a computer monitor but will print a poorly digital image from the printer. What is new in Adobe CS5 is if you’re working with a 16-bit document, you can save it in JPEG format to 8-bit using the save as command without changing the bit depth.

  • Open a photographic document.
  • Click the File menu, and then click Save As.
  • Enter a name for the file in the Save As box.
  • Click the Save In (Win) or Where (Mac) list arrow, and then select a location in which to save the file.
  • Click the Format list arrow, and then click JPEG.
  • Click Save.

Select from the following JPEG:

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  • Matte. The JPEG format does not support transparency. Click the Matte list arrow, and then select the color with which to fill transparent areas within the active document.
  • Quality. The Quality option determines the amount of image information loss. Enter a value from 1 to 12; the higher the value, the more information is retained, thus creating a larger file.
  • Baseline (Standard). The format is recognized by most browsers.
  • Baseline Optimized. Produces optimized color, and a slightly smaller file size, but is not supported by older browsers.
  • Progressive. Displays a series of increasingly detailed scans as the image downloads. The visual impression is of a blurred image slowly coming into focus (not supported by older browsers).
  • Scans. If Progressive is selected, select the number of scan passes for the image.

Question from email bag: How do I change my huge image sizes in CS5 to fit on my blog post?

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Click the Image button to open the box to change the Pixel dimensions of the image.

FYI: Using the JPEG 2000 Format JPEG 2000 is a file format that provides additional options than the standard JPEG format. It produces images with better compression and quality for both web and print publishing. The optional JPEG 2000 format plug-in can be found on the Photoshop CS5 installation CD in Goodies/Optional Plug-Ins/Photoshop Only/File Formats. Currently, only computers with the necessary plug-in can view a JPEG 2000 file on the Web.

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