How Is Haiti Since The Earthquake?


trevose How Is Haiti Since The Earthquake?

Photo: Delores Randall, August 2009, Trevose, PA

I wonder how Haiti is doing since the devastating earthquake brought the country almost to its demise? There hasn’t been much in the news coverage pushing digital images since the earthquake hit the country. According to the Internet street Haiti has been receiving donations in the bucket fills to the tune of millions….I think I read somewhere billions of dollars? Does it still look the same since the earthquake? There has not been much media coverage since the earthquake from mainstream news outlets photographers vying for that money shot that would get their picture in the newspapers, magazines and blogs. I was born in a small town outside of Philadelphia called Trevose. Most of my nature life has been on the domestic front. I watched the horror that happen to Haiti unfold on the major news channels and listened to it in the background minute by minute…I begin to ponder about my own humble beginnings in this world and compared it to Haiti in terms of the housing that was available to most African America families who just wanted the American dream. Most African Americans from the beginning of their freedom since slavery and the present sort of live in their own Haiti forgotten world that don’t ever receive any aid from any organization nor mainstream media attention to help them rebuild their lives. Just a random thought………….some of us can’t remember where we came from or can go back to the house we were born and raised. Remember when Oprah showed you were she came from? I remember her humble beginnings….I was heck half of the black and white folks back in the day came from the same humble beginnings who lived in the  suburbs and outskirts of a metropolitan city.

trevose 2 How Is Haiti Since The Earthquake?

Now that I am older my view of the world has changed. I am happy to be able to reflect back to this humble beginning and say ” Look where the Lord has brought me from and through!” It it ain’t over….still growing!

Some of us can’t remember where we came from and now that I am older. I am happy to be able to reflect back to this humble beginning and say ” Look where the lord has brought me from and through!” and it ain’t over….still growing!

These were the days when a place was more of a village, families were colonies, neighbors and families were one and the church was your refuge in times of sorrow and despair.. Faith was your master and evidence of things not seen but you believed in the impossible. There was  hope for a better tomorrow and the next generation. These were the days grandma was the head and the one who prayed for you. These were the days it did not matter what color your skin was because you were a human being and the family embraced you despite all of that…..nowadays people done lost their damn mind. I say this because I remember black and white people getting along and in some cases marriage. Nowadays, some folks don’t know who your child is bringing through the front door. Some folks have allow their children to intimidate them in their own home . OMGee! What have we done to the next generation mind? Entitlement without working for it? I still embrace that old school mentality in this modern day world despite my own shortcomings and believe me there has been many.  I was paying attention to the struggles of my elders and love ones although I was ignorant as a child to their struggle. I was paying attention to their stories……I can attest to some of the struggles of my own relatives and what some may have and still is trying to overcome to this day. These were the days when children were children and adults spoke in hush tones….children obeyed their parents no matter how wrong they may have been, seen and not heard, the importance of getting an education and most of all not giving up on your dreams. I believe these same things ring true right now and we all need to get back to the basics to survive what we the next generation may consider a recession.

I used to think this house was big when I was child….perhaps due to all the life that flowed through that red door. I grew up in this 3 beds, 1.0 baths, 792 sq ft house until the age of 9 years old. Many families flood through the door that lived throughout the Trevose community! Believe it or not I remember those days as the good ole’ days…..people went to sleep with their doors unlock and their small screened windows opened. I remember chopping wood for heat and hauling coal in tin bucket to cook our food on a coal stove. I remember when family hung their clothes out to dry….something about clothes being fresher. I remember food being cooked like it was an army being fed…I have some good and fond memories from living in Trevose. This house has been sold and is no longer a part of my family. My Grandmother’s family lived in this house since 1947 or after. Someone was able to acquire the property from a tax sale for $8500 in 1982. Historically, we are still trying to find ourselves and heritage.

What’s has been interesting as an African American United States citizen who has done some traveling is when I have visit certain islands, my eyes are open wide. I realize that my life domestically was no different than some of the folks who lived on the outskirts of the tourist sites. Just be thankful for the opportunity to place your feet firmly on the ground, your eyes to see the world for what it has to offer, the ability to hear with no assistance, the mindset to be consider sane although you feel like your nuts every now and then, shelter no matter if it is not a palace, clothing despite it not being the latest designer gear and the ability to keep on trying and never giving up HOPE! Remember as long as you have hope, all things are possible, there is nothing that is not impossible. I am a firm believer that if you can dream it, believe it and than do everything in your power to achieve it!

I really wonder how is Haiti doing after the earthquake?

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